The Unfolding Path

Living and creating from inspiration ~ without plans, goals or instructions

I’m Gillian Pearce, and I’m excited you’re here!

Walking the Unfolding Path can be a bit lonely at times can’t it? If, like me, you’re trying to find a different way or are just curious about how “it” all works, you’re in the right place.

On this site you’ll find many good things!

Something brought you here so please join in however feels right: check my blog, contact me for a conversation, book a ‘Get It Done Fun Day’, or buy yourself a piece of inspiration for your home. Let’s explore this unfolding together, delve into the mystery and share the adventure.

The Unfolding Path

For several years I wrote about the Unfolding Path, offering advice, stories and support on creating a more contented life. My blog contains an archive of these writings.


Sometimes, speaking things out-loud is enough to bring clarity, an insight into the next step. I hold regular open conversations and you can book one simply by contacting me.


My own creations for inspiration or a unique gift. My store is chock full of individually created pieces of wall art, inspirational quote posters, home decor, phone cases and more.

Get Things Done

‘Get It Done Fun Days’ are invaluable if you are putting off a job, dragging your feet, feel overwhelmed, disheartened or don’t know where to begin. I’ll help you get started.

I’ve helped a lot of people 🙂

Through talking, planning, coaching and spending some time walking together as the path unfolds…

If you’d like to reach out, I’ll be here to listen and walk with you for a time.



Gillian what an inspiration you are. You’re an example in action. We could all do with a spot of that kind of bravery and faith. Have just read your latest blog post and I loved it. You’ve reminded me how much I’m actually doing! And how much all those things that seem like the not right things, are actually probably even righter things! Lol! It’ll be so amazing to look back and paint the journey one day, and rewrite the (un)rule book on how it can be done! Enjoy your awesome flow Gillian, that’s where the miracles happen isn’t it?! x


That’s what struck me when I met you. You have all this experience and wisdom and yet you keep it pretty well under wraps. I love talking with you because throughout any conversation these gems just bubble up and you say something brilliant with no fanfare at all.


Special thanks to Gillian Pearce for making this space for us – and allowing the magic to happen. Appreciate your leadership and hoping I can learn how to let go, be in the moment more and surrender more, instead of relying on my old pattern of “must work harder, must work harder” if things aren’t turning out quite as I’d hoped. (remember Boxer, the cart horse from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” – that’s me). Or rather that used to be me. I’m now going to work smarter, take care of me and not get lost on the hamster wheel.


I was in a really creative slump recently and decided to do some “Get It Done Fun Days” with Gillian. I was uninspired, stuck and generally at a loss. Gillian helped me see some of the patterns that hold me back, and guided, supported, cajoled me into action. It was astonishing, laughable, how much my mind rebelled at times but we kept coming back to action, moving – not letting the thoughts sabotage the process. Letting go of the outcome and getting back to the play, fun, flow aspect of creating. It was great, we laughed a lot and I lightened up about the whole thing. I got some things made I was really pleased with, a few of which sold very quickly – whereas left to my own devices I’d probably still be faffing about. Highly recommended!


My Experience of working with Gillian was great! The day went brilliantly, I loved having set tasks and reporting in that I had accomplished things. I cleared a lot of the ‘sticky stuff’ and ended the day with a plan to get the rest sorted by the end of the week. I didn’t quite manage the exact deadline we set, but was not far off, so very proud of myself and grateful for Gillian’s assistance.

I would highly recommend doing this if you keep finding ways not to do things that you know you should, and I can personally say the good feeling you get from doing stuff is GREAT! I will certainly be doing it again in the future. Thanks Gillian!


Writing a glowing testimonial for Gillian is easy! The magic formula is in Gillian’s listening and her clarity, which led me to have greater clarity about all the ideas, tasks, projects, general to-dos that seem to swim around in my head.

Until you experience the simplicity of Gill’s days, and the results for yourself, it may be hard to fathom how something that looks so simple can work so well and feel so light and easy. So my recommendation is go ahead and try one!

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It can be daunting to talk with new people, so I’d just like to re-assure: you will be in charge of what we talk about. We don’t have to talk about difficult or private things, make appointments or set goals, just have a gentle conversation.

Of course, if you feel ready to start some work, I’m here for that too!

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