Don’t Bother Reading This One

I’m feeling grumpy. Been like it on and off all week. Loads of thinking going around my head – mostly about stuff I need to do that I don’t really want to do. Cleaning, completing a project that’s not working out, food shopping, clothes shopping, preparing house for guests.

I know this will pass but I want it gone now. I want to feel peaceful and content not grumpy and harrumph.

“It’s just your thinking” someone says.

“What good is that to me?” says I when the on/off switch is stuck on and my thoughts are crap.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I know that’s just a thought but there it is.

And here I am.

And I have to go and get washed and dressed and do the shopping.

. . . Shopping done.

Mood not improved but going to post this anyway.

Hope you took notice of the title and aren’t reading this!


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