Maybe Being A Princess Is The Answer After All!

Its not easy being a princess

When I first started coaching, about 20 years ago, I used to jokingly say “what I really want is for clients to find me and ask me to coach them. I can’t be assed with all this marketing stuff”.

Now I used the word “jokingly” not because I didn’t mean it but because I didn’t think it was possible. I thought I was being a bit of a princess and that was a bad thing.

Well, after many thousands of pounds spent on learning about marketing the right way and thousands of hours being bored out of my brains trying to implement it, my dream finally came true on Thursday. I enrolled my first, no effort at all, doesn’t know me from Adam, client.

He didn’t exactly knock on the front door, ring the bell and ask me to coach him but the whole thing transpired easily and seamlessly.

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Getting Ready To Get Ready Dies

Getting Ready Grave Stones FB‘Getting ready to get ready’ comes in many forms. It’s the lie we tell ourselves when maybe we’re a little bit fearful of moving forward, or concerned that something might not work or in our hearts we just plain don’t want to do the thing.

It’s a bit more advanced than good old procrastination since, to all intents and purposes, our getting readiness looks logical and sensible – maybe we just need to watch one more training video and then we’ll start, or find a new piece of software that will make the task easier or take advice from another expert, or clean up our work space, or run our errands.

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Building A Random Business

Unstuck Dice

Having Just returned from a wonderful 10 days in Ireland (attending the ‘Space For Dreaming‘ Art Workshop) I’m finding it hard to settle into my everyday life. Rather than struggling with making a decision about what I should do next I created a game for myself whereby I chose 6 possibilities, wrote them on the side of a wooden cube and rolled the dice!

I set an intention first – to work on building my business of coaching and selling art.

My 6 choices are:

1.  Unpack – I made a half-hearted attempt yesterday but still have stuff in my 2 suitcases that needs to be put away, washed or hung up.

2.  Domestic – the house is a bit of a tip and there is washing that needs to be done.

3.  Tidy studio – I have just dumped all my art materials after my trip and the attic’s already a right mess from preparing for the workshop.

4.  Work on my new website layout.

5.  Finish some quotes paintings to go on Fine Art America.

6.  Write content for the new website or a blog post.

It might seem that some of those items don’t relate to the business but, for me, there’s not a clear divide. The business has to fit seamlessly into my life or I don’t want to build one. These 6 things were uppermost in my mind as things that needed to be done so they all went on the dice.

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Return From A Space For Dreaming

Gillian and Flora BowleyI have just returned from A Space For Dreaming an intensive 6 day art event in Ireland, created by Irish artist Pauline Agnew. It was my first art retreat and it definitely won’t be my last. It was brilliant!

I attended 2 workshops – ‘Immersions in Art-Journaling’ with Orly Avineri and ‘Bloom True’ with Flora Bowley. The experiences were very different and it turned into a week of 2 halves for me.

For the art journaling a small group of us, 12 I think, sat around a table and followed prompts from Orly. We created 5 double-page spreads altogether. I loved creating in the group and was quite tearful when it was time to move on. Perfect, as the theme of the class was ‘Engagement and Detachment’.

Two things I noticed that were interesting to me were Continue reading

Entering The Danger Zone

This week’s story so far:  from a place of overwhelm, confusion and desperation, I just gave up trying to do the “right/logical/most productive/best/most likely to lead to clients/most likely to lead to sales/what I should do/what I had to do/creating art/working on the website” thing and just gave up.

I let go of having any idea of what I ought to be doing and allowed myself to just do what I felt like even if it was watching tele, reading a book or going to be beach.

From that space I remembered that Flora Bowley was running an online boot camp during September so I went to check it out. Yesterday’s post – Look What I Did – tells the story of what happened next.

In a nutshell things flowed splendidly and I had a wonderful day.

But . . . this is where it gets tricky.

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