Living In Flow For Real

Kipling's GardenOK. So here’s where the rubber hits the road.

Yesterday I was out for a drive with a couple of lovely friends who seem to be creating the kind of life in flow that I’m hoping for myself. Not the actual details but the just turning up, following what’s in front of you and watching things develop.

So far, it looks to me like nothing much is happening in my life but as I said in my previous post – Are You Doing Anything? - stuff is happening, it just doesn’t look very “big” so it’s easy to discount.

Then, I received an email this morning which most definitely could be seen as something “big” turning up and I was thrown into a tizzy about whether I should or shouldn’t take up the offer.


Let me backtrack a few weeks to when I came across something called “The Flight Formula” which, without thinking about,  I applied for. It’s a different kind of mastermind group with the tag line “A Collaborative Heart Centered Social Enterprise Incubator”. I was primarily attracted to it because a couple of the people involved, Jason Spencer and Tom Morkes, do things very differently in their businesses which I find intriguing and appealing.

I turned up for interview after only a cursory glance at the “sales” page which felt a little embarrassing when I was asked if I had any questions about the program!

Some of the questions simply aren’t meaningful for me. Questions like “where do you see yourself in 5 years and what would make you really happy”? I have no idea where I will be in 5 years and that’s what makes life fascinating and exciting. I also know that nothing outside me can make me happy. I’m really happy now, except when I think I’m not! But something was still drawing me.

After the call, when I looked at the “sales” page I wondered . . . what I was thinking? There seemed to be so little on it that was attractive to me.

When I didn’t hear anything from them for a couple for weeks, I assumed I’d not got in. Then, this morning, I received an email from Jason’s business partner, Asher, saying I’d got a place.

Well that put me in a right flap and my mind went into overdrive:

  • what amazing timing, just when I was saying that nothing’s happening for me this turns up
  • ah yes, but is this what you really want to do?
    (looks at “sales” page)
  • but this is full of conventional marketing that you’re no longer interested in. Why would you even consider spending time and money on this?
  • the page headline is about launching your idea and activating your purpose. You don’t have an idea and you don’t subscribe to having a purpose
  • destiny is mentioned. You don’t believe in destiny
  • in fact looking at the core elements, 4 and a half out of 7 are things that make you groan rather than excite you!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So . . . why would I even consider it?

Well . . . it has turned up in my space so that alone makes it worth paying attention to and what if I look beyond the words? Not just at the business details but at the energy behind ‘The Flight Formula’. It’s all about creativity, inspiration, collaboration and community and that I love.

And . . . more importantly, instead of wasting energy thinking into the future of whether or not I want to do this, what if I just stay in the moment? Asher acknowledges, in this morning’s email, that in my previous conversation with Jason I was “still considering whether the program was a good fit for (me)”.

What if I come back to the moment and look upon my call with Asher as another point of exploration? I do not have to decide right now whether or not I want to join the program. What if I let go of thinking that I know what this is about and just turn up to the call with no agenda? That’s really what living in flow’s about isn’t it?

So that’s what I’ve decided to do and, if nothing else, I’ve at last gotten a blog post out of it and I do so love when that happens!

Are You Doing Anything?

Buy Prints here: was just about to write an email to my mentoring group and noticed myself thinking – “What will I write, I haven’t done anything?” And then I noticed that this, of course, wasn’t true.

It’s impossible to do nothing at all . . . unless you’re dead! As long you’re living you’re doing breathing. And you must be somewhere in space so you are lying down or sitting down or standing or moving. So, if I don’t really mean, “I haven’t done anything” what exactly do I mean?

This particular mentoring group consists of a number of coaches and what I was specifically thinking of when I said “I haven’t done anything” is “I have no new clients and haven’t done what I think I should do in order to change that”.

When I joined the group I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take on any clients so having no clients was not a problem. But since then I’ve done some live coaching and found I and my “coachees” really enjoyed it. Now I have the idea that I would like to work with 3 people. As a result my measure of how I’m doing, relative to the group, is whether or not I’ve enrolled new clients.

At first sight this seems a sensible measure but really it’s just as arbitrary as saying I’ve washed my hair 20 times since we last met or I’ve eaten 40 pieces of cake or I’ve pinned 53 quotes. In fact, the arbitrary stuff, whilst not necessarily being accurate as to quantity, is at least true as opposed to the patent falsehood that is: “I haven’t done anything”. I haven’t signed up any clients – true. I haven’t done anything towards signing up clients – one big porkie. I haven’t done anything – Laughingly untrue!

So, let’s back track and, whilst keeping with the idea of returning to coaching, see what else I might say. I have added, in brackets, the thoughts that made me discount these things, first time round.

  • I have done 4 live coaching hangouts which I thoroughly enjoyed and which were useful and insightful for the people being coached. (This doesn’t count because I intended to do this weekly and it seems to have dried up).
  • I have written half a sales page with the thought that I need somewhere to send people who don’t know me and want to sign up. (This doesn’t count because it’s only half written and I’m not even sure I should be writing a sales page anyway).
  • I have been experimenting with my Pinterest account to see if I can reach people that way. (This doesn’t count because it’s a distraction from what you should be doing as it’s related to my art and not my coaching).
  • I’ve done some work on 4 paintings for my Inspirational Quotes selection. (Doesn’t count as they’re not finished and they’re not part of a well thought out strategy related to practice building).

I could go on . . .

“I’m not doing anything” and it’s siblings “I’m not doing enough”, “I’m not doing the right things” are big thought traps I frequently get caught up in. I don’t like the feelings such thoughts cause and, in order to change those feelings I often fall back on trying to do the right thing or what I think I should be doing. Such actions just feed the thoughts.

Conversely, when I notice the invalidity of such thoughts I slip back into simply doing the next thing, guided by feeling, and when I do that, life flows.

So , , , I have 2 questions for you . . .

1. Are you willing to let whatever you do today be enough?

2. Do you know anyone who might be one of the 3 clients I’m looking for? If so, please ask them to contact me – gjpcoach at gmail dot com.

Ta, very much and thanks for reading. I appreciate it!


Follow What Is Already Here

Follow What Is Already HereThis morning I awoke to a bit of a revelation.

I’ve been experimenting with Google Hangouts (live video streaming) and am loving them so much I decided to make them a weekly event.

To date, I have recorded 4 live coaching sessions and have started to set up all the background stuff in order to ensure the ‘Get In The Flow Show’ runs smoothly.

Seems about right you might say and I would have agreed with you yesterday. I’ve created a sign up page and some participant instructions but, for the last couple of days, I’ve been spinning my wheels.

This morning I woke up thinking about converstions I’ve had with clients when they feel stuck and remembered that I usually ask them to notice what’s right in front of them now and then go do that.

I have been thinking that I need to get certain things in place before I can officially that I am starting the ‘Get in the Flow’ show. In particular a web page that describes exactly what the show is. However, the words to put on that page aren’t flowing freely to me. What is flowing is the coaching and, I’ve effortlessly recorded 4 videos. I haven’t put them out yet because I was waiting to have this other stuff in place – a bit of resistance to the unknown going on I suspect!

When I ask myself the question “what is in front of me right now that I’m not noticing/discounting?” I see that there are a number of places where I can post the videos without having to have a load of other stuff in place. This is the simplest route. It’s not the one I planned or thought I should follow but it’s what’s available today. I will sort the other stuff later, when that’s what’s in front of me and when there is a sense of ease about it.

It was for times such as these that I painted the piece below which, incidentally, is for sale in my shop!

Follow What Is Already Here

2014 – Are you Having Fun Yet?

2014 – Am I having fun yet? Well, that would be a resounding “No” for me!

I’m up to my eyes in accounts and the tax return. I have a load of stuff on my mind because what was moving forwards last year now seems to have stalled and I failed to start the Creative Jumpstart course on Jan 1st, as planned.

I am also now completely out of the habit of making videos and need to wind myself up to do them again which is complicated by the fact that there are other people in the house.

B******s to all that I say. I’m going to have fun anyway.

I will make a video as and when the time is right to make a video.

I will respond to what’s stuck as and when I have clarity about what to say.

I will start Creative Jumpstart as and when the space opens up for

me to get painting again.

The tax return will get done in time. It always has done and I don’t see why this year would be any different.

And . . . in the meantime, I will just take the next step, do what is in front of me right now and stop looking out there at all that isn’t!

It’s 2014. Am I having fun yet? Hell yes!!!

Hope you are too!

Dare To Be You Painting

In which I Carry On Regardless

OMG I’m such a numpty (but kinda cute at the same time) :-). I’ve just got to tell you about my video exploits this morning.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been taking part in Simon Jordan’s  video blogging challenge. My main reasons for joining in are to explore whether I like using video and to learn a new skill. My attempts so far are mainly about not letting the way I look on camera stop me from making the videos. Once I’m more comfortable with that the plan is to get better technically. You can see my efforts here but I warn you they aren’t the prettiest on the block! :-)

Today’s challenge was to make a video about your home town. You can see the first one here, should you so desire - Town Where I Live Part 1

Ah ha, thinks I. Perfect! I’ll make my first walking video. I’ll record myself going from my house to the beach. That will show off where I live nicely!

So, I did a bit of a sound test in the front room although the bit I was twiddling didn’t seem to have any affect on volume. No matter. I’ll carry on regardless.

Start off down First Ave explaining why Brighton is such a great place to live, how long I’ve been there and how lucky I am to live here.

Arrive at the beach. Excitedly check phone . . . Hmmmmm. What are those 4 black squares?

Seems my phone was trying to take a video of the inside of my pocket whilst I was walking from the house. No matter. Delete those and I’ll carry on regardless.

Ah, ha. Here we are. My first walking video . . . Hmmmmm. What happened to that then? There just seems to be a bit of camera jiggling, a few seconds recording and then nothing more. No matter. I’ll do it again and I’ll carry on regardless.

Take 2. Now on the prom and don’t have a clue what I’m videoing as I can’t see the screen in the sunshine. No matter. I’m thinking it’s all rather amusing so I carry on regardless. Until I notice the wind noise and decide to stop in case my audio is inaudible.

Still haven’t really answered the challenge question so decide to go onto the beach and continue.

Take 3 done, I leave in search of breakfast.

Arrive at the cafe and take a look at my handiwork. Find a really horrible “squinting into the sun and looking ancient” bit at the end so I decide to give editing a go, there and then, rather than waiting until I get home.

Find the trim function and work out how to use it. Exciting!!

Move the markers to just be working on the very end of the video so don’t have to keep playing it through from the beginning. Clever.

Do my stuff. Press save and then, horror of horrors, I see I’ve only saved the 5 secs between the markers!

You can forget “No matter. I’ll carry on regardless.” THIS IS NO LONGER AMUSING! Think I might cry instead.

Harumph, harumph and more bloody harumph!

But, hang on a minute . . . there’s my original video. My phone made a new version rather than overwriting the old one.


I’m now off to make an offering to the Gods of the Nexus 4. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.