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I can't tell you what you'll find in each post exactly, such is the nature of the Unfolding Path! But for now I can say that I'll keep you in the loop and alert you to new developments, flashes of insight, fun tales and special offers.

I'm Gillian Pearce. Excited you're here!

Walking the Unfolding Path can be a bit lonely at times can't it? If, like me, you're trying to find a different way or are just curious about how "it" all works, you're in the right place. Something brought you here so please join in in whatever way feels right: sign up for updates, contact me for a conversation, book a 'Get It Done Fun Day', join in the chat on the blog or social media or buy yourself a piece of inspiration for your home. Let's explore this unfolding together, delve into the mystery and share the adventure.

Your Inspiration Invitations

Invitation to Conversation

Sometimes, speaking things outloud is enough to bring clarity, an insight into the next step a gentle nudge to stay still. The back and forth of an open conversation can help you see things as yet unseen, can uncover inspiration and illuminate what you already know. Sometimes, you just want to come back to yourself, to rest in your innate peace and settle down. Once a week I open a free spot for such a conversation. If you'd like to claim yours . . .

Invitation to Shop

Need a bit of retail therapy combined with inspiration? A unique gift for a friend, perhaps? My store is chock full of individually created pieces of wall art, inspirational quote posters, home decor, phone cases and more. This part of the Unfolding Path I would never in a million years have anticipated! Me? An artist? Don't be daft. But there it is. A great example of what can happen if you just keep taking the next step, even when you have no clue where you're going.

Invitation to Get Things Done

‘Get It Done Fun Days’ are invaluable for you if you: know what you want to do but are dragging your feet getting stuff done don’t know what you want to do but feel you should be doing something feel totally overwhelmed by all the stuff you need to do feel disheartened because you don’t really want to do the stuff you feel you have to do feel totally stuck and can’t get yourself moving

Invitation to Updates

The telling of the unfolding is a bit scattered at the moment. There are a number of places where you can follow along but the most comprehensive is right here on my blog. Click on the button and leave your email and I'll send you updates so you don't miss anything and can join in the conversation. If you miss bits it could get a little confusing, such is the nature of the Unfolding Path - always disappearing and emerging in unexpected ways!

In Case You Need A Nudge

Gillian what an inspiration you are. You're an example in action. We could all do with a spot of that kind of bravery and faith. Have just read your latest blog post and I loved it. You've reminded me how much I'm actually doing! And how much all those things that seem like the not right things, are actually probably even righter things! Lol! It'll be so amazing to look back and paint the journey one day, and rewrite the (un)rule book on how it can be done! Enjoy your awesome flow Gillian, that's where the miracles happen isn't it?! x

Les Williams

That's what struck me when I met you. You have all this experience and wisdom and yet you keep it pretty well under wraps. I love talking with you because throughout any conversation these gems just bubble up and you say something brilliant with no fanfare at all.

Penny Paultz

Special thanks to Gillian Pearce for making this space for us - and allowing the magic to happen. Appreciate your leadership and hoping I can learn how to let go, be in the moment more and surrender more, instead of relying on my old pattern of "must work harder, must work harder" if things aren't turning out quite as I'd hoped. (remember Boxer, the cart horse from George Orwell's "Animal Farm" - that's me). Or rather that used to be me. I'm now going to work smarter, take care of me and not get lost on the hamster wheel.

Juliet Le Breton

Latest News

100K in 60 Days Depression Distraction

Times have been hard these past few weeks. I’ve experienced the worst low mood I’ve had for a very long time. If I didn’t know what I know about the nature of thought and mood it would have morphed into a full blown depression like it used to in the past. It’s a curious...

I Am Overwhelmed No More

The best way I’ve found for handling overwhelm is to take the next small step that comes to me and to let go of what happens next. I step back from the “big picture” and future outcomes and just focus on what is right in front of me right now. No matter how chaotic...

I Hate Walking Don’t Make Me!

Come for a walk he said. I know just the spot he said – out of the wind. What he failed to take into account were the acres and acres of mud we’d be required to squelch through. I was not happy! Sunday’s hike took a total of 2 hours and after it I...

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Stay updated with all the latest musings, offers and inspiration as it unfolds!
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Follow the
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Stay updated with all the latest musings, offers and inspiration as it unfolds!
Give it a try. You can unsubscribe anytime.