Dream Baby Dream

I was talking with a friend this afternoon and bemoaning the fact that I’d missed a couple of days of bookbits. It again became clear how the “dos” and  “don’ts” I have set up around this, get in the way and stop my enjoying the process.

During the conversation it became clear that we both share the love of a good Bruce Springsteen concert and I wanted to introduce her to this video. For me, it sums up all that is great about the experience. Continue reading

On Doing Things In The Right Order – Again

There’s something suspicious about this unfolding experiment. It’s not new it seems. I wrote the following more than 3 years ago and still can’t say that it’s “working”.

lived my life


— Written in October 2012

So it’s 4.30 p.m. and I haven’t done my “write” for today. I’ve done lots of writing – emails to arrange lunch and coffee dates, enquiries about ceilidh bands and venues, feedback to clients, but nothing so far that counts towards my ’30 Writes In 30 Days’ experiment. So here’s hoping this will develop into “write” number 2 . . .

The title “On Doing Things In The Right Order” came to me when Continue reading

Keeping on Keeping on

if you're waiting for a signToday’s turning out to be a difficult day for content creation.

I’ve trawled through my ‘bag of bits’ and found nothing I feel like posting. I’ve searched for inspiration within and outside myself and still feel uninspired.

This lack of enthusiasm is partly the result of knowing that very few people are seeing, let alone reading my posts. Yet, I started doing this because Continue reading

Collect Moments Not Things

Collect moments, not things and every moment is special unless you’re resisting it!

collect moments not thingsLast weekend I bought a new laptop and rather than bringing it home with joy there was a sense of trepidation about all the work I would have to do to set it up correctly.

Consequently, it sat in it’s box, untouched, for 3 days!

My old computer, however, is really on it’s last legs, so when the screen turned green and would only return with the help of a Continue reading