Wow! How amazing you’ve found your way here. How did that happen? It’s nothing short of miraculous!

OK. You might be thinking “well, that’s easy to answer”: “I followed a Twitter link”, “I found you on Google”, “a friend recommended you”, but of all the pages, on all the websites, in all the world wide web, you’ve come to this one!

Take a moment to consider that.

There are so many other places and things you could be doing right now but you’re here. How exciting!

And this is what this website is all about really: the exploration of how this mysterious life works, how our days unfold and what happens when we simply take the next step and fuss less about getting it “right”.

It’s also about community and conversation so please join in in whatever way you enjoy the most.

In order to help you get more of a feel for what’s on offer here are some:

Key Posts to Get You Started

  • The Beginning – what I thought I was doing when I first created this website in October 2012.
  • The story of what’s actually happened with this website/me/the business/  The Unfolding Path to current date (April 2016).
  • The first post relating to My Bag of Book Bits – what I would include if I was writing a book.
  • The Get It Done Fun Days story – how they unfolded.
  • My 100K website in 60 Days adventure

Ways to Participate in the Unfolding Path Experiment

More Invitations

  • Participate in a ‘Get It Done Fun Day
  • Buy inspirational art, home furnishings and phone cases, all individually created during The Unfolding Path experiment – Shop Here