Inspired Coaching Invitation

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Everything you thought you wanted in life, you’ve pretty much obtained and yet, somehow, something is still missing.
  • You’ve spent thousands of pounds and years of your life trying to improve and fix yourself.
  • You’ve searched diligently for your passion, eagerly sought your life’s purpose, masterfully created the perfect vision board, tried to change your thinking, written hundreds of affirmations, loyally followed the Gurus who seemed to know the way, set big, juicy goals so you could reach your full potential, felt the fear, began with the end in mind, meditatedjournaled and practised gratitude.

(Phew. Bet you’re glad you’re sitting down!)


Despite all this, nothing seems to “stick” – nothing seems to be what you’re looking for.


You’ve been seeking answers so long
you’ve forgotten what the question is!



person question


So . . . wouldn’t you say it’s time for something different?

Time for something less exhausting?

Time for something . . . well . . . a bit more fun?

And what could be more fun than finding

Your Own Brilliant, Unique Way?


Introducing . . . (drum roll please) . . . Personal Inspiration Coaching.

You and me in conversation creating something unique and new from inspiration rather than prescription, i.e no “shoulds” or”have tos”.


 ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~


Unlike traditional coaches, I can’t promise that I’ll get you from A to B but I will help you get from A to . . . um . . . well let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

The problem with the A to B approach is it assumes you know where you want to be – and that getting there is the route to more happiness, money, peace of mind, ideal relationships, success, whatever it is that you think will make your life better.

But what if that is just plain wrong? 


What if the strategies you’re implementing, the goals you’re setting and the plans you’re making are precisely what’s holding you back from what it is you are seeking?

What if you could be happy now,
with what you already have
and could give up the trying, searching and striving,
without having to give up on
more fun, greater success and deeper contentment?


Sounds good doesn’t it?

I can help you throw out the rule book and ditch the stuff you’ve learned that isn’t really what you want to believe.

Anything is possibleNothing is off the table

There’s only one rule . . .

It’s Your Inspired Way or No Way

On this I will not compromise!


I will challenge you to reach further . . . to let go of stuff you didn’t even realise you were holding on to and it will be fun.  Hoorah!

If you sign up for Personal Inspiration Coaching it will probably be because you just know to do that. You can feel it in your belly. You can hear the whisper that this is your next inspired step.

Sooooo . . .

  • Are you willing to ignore the shouts of “yes but” and “what if” voices in your head and just follow that feeling?
  • Are you ready for an adventure into the unknown?
  • Are you all set to create results you may have no idea of at the moment – results that, from where you are now, you may not even consider to be results?



Let’s get down to details . . .

Your Inspired Coaching Adventure 

  • Length of your coaching adventure:  3 months – setting off a wave of transformation to last a life time
  • Cost of your coaching adventure:   a one off payment of £3,000
  • Cost of your continuing wave of transformation:  free
  • Format of your coaching adventure: This will be agreed in our Introductions Call.  It could be:
    • A 4 hour in person let’s get this show on the road session, followed by 3 monthly coaching calls, or
    • Just in time coaching whenever you need it, or
    • Regular weekly coaching calls. (Bit conventional this one but if that’s what you want I’m open to it).

Basically, anything is possible. It just needs to work for both of us and be fun.


Ready to Get Started?

Here’s how  . . .

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Then we’ll then set up our Introductions Call

After that it will be full steam ahead and your exciting adventure into the unknown will begin.

. . . unless, after the call, we decide that this is not going to be a brilliant, fun and transforming experience for us. In which case I’ll thank you for trusting your guts enough to give it a go and

I will refund your money immediately

Highly unlikely I know but sometimes it helps to have a bit of a safety blanket.


So . . . you see . . . there’s really no risk for you apart from daring to following an inner feeling.


Go on

Do it

You know you want to!!!

Take the next inspired step and

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You’ll be sooooo glad you did!