When I started this blog my intention was to create a website to showcase my paintings and record the stories behind them. I also wanted to tell my story as it unfolds as a testament to what is possible when you take little steps into the unknown, following what feels right and not thinking too much about it.

Since then, way back in October 2012, the site has become more about the story unfolding and less about showcasing paintings. Although the art is still a part of what I spend my time doing my focus now is more on Living in Flow generally whether that be painting, coaching or something else.

All my life I have been a seeker for deeper meaning and understanding. I spent many years in and out of depression and many thousands of pounds on personal development and self-help courses. I studied psychology at University and worked in the commercial sector as an occupational psychologist for a number of years. Then I spent even longer working in internet marketing as well as a spell as a life coach.

Nowadays I find myself blogging and playing with paints and other creative mediums which is a surprise to me. It’s not what I would have predicted for myself at all. But therein lies the magic.

The more I relax and follow the moment without trying to work everything out and get it “right”, the more enjoyable my life becomes. I find I know less and less and, as a result, experience more and more joy.

This blog is about that journey. It’s about unfolding and unknowing and little experiments just for the hell of it. It’s about inspiration and fun and sharing.

If any of this appeals to you I’d love for you to join with me. Please sign up for updates and follow along and comment when you feel so inspired. Let’s explore the sheer wonder of it all, together!