It’s official. According to my sister-in-law I’m now a bona fide artist.  This weekend I sold my first painting. Money changed hands and there’s an empty place on my wall so it must be true!

What a blast. Me. An artist. It’s all b******s of course. I’m no different today than I was on Friday. I don’t think I deserve the label anymore than you do. And you may think I deserve it less.

I just can’t get into this “artists” game. I try not to give it meaning or take it seriously but I’m still enjoying playing.

Someone at a party was telling me he has a friend who has a shop who sells local artists paintings and takes a commission. I could put my paintings there he said. But when I didn’t really have an “artist’s story” to tell him he was a bit concerned. Apparently I need to play this “artist’s game” if anyone is to take my “art” seriously. I need to pretend to feel passionate about it, even if I don’t, if I want to sell it.

Is that true? I hope not. I don’t think I can be a**ed but I know many people feel that way.

Then there’s the whole debate about what is good art and how long it takes you to be good enough.

There are as many opinions as there are paintings.

Here are some comments from the “it’s hard work” and “it takes a long time” camp:

“The very first step is developing a very high level of skill . . . look at your work, unless its amazing, don’t put it up for sale, In fact don’t show it till you can produce really good work, and if you can’t do it on your own but still really have the drive, go get some study with a talented artist, that if he sees promise.”

“It takes a life time to actually produce creative work.”

“Some people need to be realistic; take years and years to hone their skills.”

And here are some from the “realistic”,  “it’s all subjective” camp.

“We all need to strive for the best but the web is not the Louvre and for an average of $15 a sale that comes for most once a year, more or less, I just can’t see waiting for a masterpiece to erupt before uploading.”

“To create your Mona Lisa you have to start somewhere and maybe with embarrassing efforts.”

“Art is subjective, one person may say a piece is amazing, the other thinks it’s trash. Beauty and creativeness is in the eye of the creator and beholder.”

“Who is to say what is “amazing”. Some might find my “art” not good at all yet on the other hand others might find it the best they have ever seen.”


No prizes for guessing which camp I’m in.

As far as I’m concerned I’ve already proved the first camp wrong. I obviously haven’t spent years learning my craft or honing my skills but I’ve sold a painting. Could be that I’m exceptionally talented of course or that it was a lucky fluke!  Until proven otherwise I think I’ll stick with the easier, fun path that it’s all subjective and you have to start somewhere.

Well, that’s me started. What’s next then? Commission anyone?