I’ve been wanting to have a play around with some paint pouring for a while. I mixed up some acrylic paints with Liquidex pouring medium and left it to settle.

I’ve had trouble finding a big enough piece of plastic with which to cover my foam board. In the end I went with the wrapping from a big roll of bubble wrap. Big mistake!

I poured some gel medium onto the plastic covered board and dripped the pain mixtures into it. Then I moved it around the board. The actual pouring went quite well and I was pretty happy with the results apart from the creases in the plastic that showed through.


Here’s what it looked like. (Ignore the yellow. That’s printing on the plastic.) Those white stripy bits are the creases in the plastic.

Pretty neat affect, huh?!

Here’s some close ups:




















And these are a couple of small pieces I did. These just used the paint and pouring medium mixtures without the gel medium base :


















The next step was supposed to be to peel the poured acrylic away from the plastic. However, I was unable to do that as it stuck fast. The plastic I used was obviously not the right kind – whatever that is. All is not lost though. I should be able to cut up the poured paint, plastic and all, and use it for embellishments. Watch this space.

So, the moral of the story is, when you’re doing something for the first time, try a small sample first. You can be sure I’ll do that with the next piece of plastic I find!

This is definitely a process I’ll be experimenting with more though. It was really fun to do and I love the results, even with the stickiness and creases.