Carry On RegardlessOMG I’m such a numpty (but kinda cute at the same time) :-). I’ve just got to tell you about my video exploits this morning.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been taking part in Simon Jordan’s  video blogging challenge. My main reasons for joining in are to explore whether I like using video and to learn a new skill. My attempts so far are mainly about not letting the way I look on camera stop me from making the videos. Once I’m more comfortable with that the plan is to get better technically. You can see my efforts here but I warn you they aren’t the prettiest on the block! 🙂

Today’s challenge was to make a video about your home town. You can see the first one here, should you so desire – Town Where I Live Part 1

Ah ha, thinks I. Perfect! I’ll make my first walking video. I’ll record myself going from my house to the beach. That will show off where I live nicely!

So, I did a bit of a sound test in the front room although the bit I was twiddling didn’t seem to have any affect on volume. No matter. I’ll carry on regardless.

Start off down First Ave explaining why Brighton is such a great place to live, how long I’ve been there and how lucky I am to live here.

Arrive at the beach. Excitedly check phone . . . Hmmmmm. What are those 4 black squares?

Seems my phone was trying to take a video of the inside of my pocket whilst I was walking from the house. No matter. Delete those and I’ll carry on regardless.

Ah, ha. Here we are. My first walking video . . . Hmmmmm. What happened to that then? There just seems to be a bit of camera jiggling, a few seconds recording and then nothing more. No matter. I’ll do it again and I’ll carry on regardless.

Take 2. Now on the prom and don’t have a clue what I’m videoing as I can’t see the screen in the sunshine. No matter. I’m thinking it’s all rather amusing so I carry on regardless. Until I notice the wind noise and decide to stop in case my audio is inaudible.

Still haven’t really answered the challenge question so decide to go onto the beach and continue.

Take 3 done, I leave in search of breakfast.

Arrive at the cafe and take a look at my handiwork. Find a really horrible “squinting into the sun and looking ancient” bit at the end so I decide to give editing a go, there and then, rather than waiting until I get home.

Find the trim function and work out how to use it. Exciting!!

Move the markers to just be working on the very end of the video so don’t have to keep playing it through from the beginning. Clever.

Do my stuff. Press save and then, horror of horrors, I see I’ve only saved the 5 secs between the markers!

You can forget “No matter. I’ll carry on regardless.” THIS IS NO LONGER AMUSING! Think I might cry instead.

Harumph, harumph and more bloody harumph!

But, hang on a minute . . . there’s my original video. My phone made a new version rather than overwriting the old one.


I’m now off to make an offering to the Gods of the Nexus 4. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.