I seem to have a lot of unfinished paintings that I’m feeling stuck with. So I took a pile of them and subjected them to the electric sander. Can’t say that they look much better but I quite liked this one. I added a dark purple “line”, toned down some of the white bits by applying magenta and ultramarine paint with my finger and also added some glass beads to the flower areas.

I can’t remember what this painting started out like.

purple drips I know at some point I added some tissue paper. I also used it to experiment with paint dripping. Then it was abandoned and I regularly cleaned my brushes and other tools on it.

Yesterday I used it to finish up some left over medium through punchinella and a flower stencil.

Today, I took the sander to it and, da dah, I’ve got a painting I like. I think it might like good with a dark purple frame to match the “line” I added.


What do you think – worth framing or a pig’s dinner? Vote Below!

(Bear in mind this is a poor photo taken with flash)  🙂

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