I’ve completed and framed this picture, ‘Carnival’, as I’m donating it to a charity auction in aid of Music as Therapy International. (Feel free to bid on anything you fancy if you happen to be in the South East, UK. There are some great donations).

This is the first painting I’ve ever put out for public consumption so it’s been a bit nerve-wracking. I’ve had to work on not comparing myself to other people who have also donated to the auction and who are professional artists. They even have a reserve price!

But in the end . . . what’s the worst that could happen . . . nobody bids. Actually it’s worse than that because a load of people I know would know that nobody bid!

See where my mind can take me if I let it?

But even then, so what? If nobody bids, nobody bids but at least I will have had a go. Thoughts are just thoughts. They don’t mean anything unless I choose to let them.

The auction is on December 8th so I’ll come back here after then and let you know how it went.


10th Dec Update:

The auction was a big success. We raised over £3,000 and had a great party. And, drum roll . . . my painting had 16 bids and raised £75.  Hoorah!