Day 26 – Busy, busy took over from here and I didn’t make time to create. Not a bad effort though!

Day 25 – Completed “Be Still and Listen” and worked on orange, green and blue painting.

Day 24 – Worked on my “Be Still and Listen” painting.

Day 23 – Framed ‘Carnival‘ painting ready to submit to the Music as Therapy International charity auction.

Day 22 – Worked on a number of paintings already in progress.

Day 21 – Got carried away with the electric sander and surprised myself with my Flowers Divided picture.

Day 20 – Finished my musical buttons picture and worked on a number of other paintings.

Days 17 to 19 – Feeling really rough so not able to participate in challenge

Day 16 – Researching local places to show paintings etc.

Day 15 – Away all day in London

Day 14 – Working on acrylic mediums picture.

Days 10-13Away at Innate Health Conference in London.

Day 9 – Completed the primary and secondary colours painting. The pouring medium work is dry but not as I expected. Click the link to read the full story.

Day 8 – Working on a challenge to use all the primary and secondary colours in one painting. Waiting for the pouring medium work to dry.

Day 7, – Playing around with pouring mediums. Need to let it dry for a couple of days before I photograph it.

Day 6 – More writing and a bit of web design

Day 5 – The completed black and white painting is now on the blog. Also wrote my profile for the Fine Art America site which I’m really pleased with.

Day 4 – didn’t get to the attic to paint today but since “art is loosely defined” in the challenge and includes writing I wrote a post instead, about ignoring self doubt.

Day 3 – more work on the black and white painting but no new pictures added today. I’m thinking it might be finished now but I’m going to wait and look at it fresh tomorrow.

Day 2 – I managed to spend most of the day in the attic working on the black and white painting from yesterday. I’ve added a picture and notes to that post (click on the link) so I won’t repeat myself here. I’ve also been experimenting with using an electric sander which was great fun.

Day 1 – To read more about Art Every Day Month and Day 1 click on the link.