Are you waiting for a better/different/more important opportunity before you do/use/wear something?

Substitute your own words here. The specifics don’t matter but waiting for the right conditions might.

cushion cover and tissue


This morning I was playing with a painting that I started on a piece of cushion cover that I had lying around. Messing about on the fabric was easy since I didn’t value it particularly. It was just what was left over when I removed the nice bits. So there was nothing to ruin/waste/spoil.

I wanted to add some paper embellishments so I turned to a pile of goodies on my desk that my lovely mate Emma had left for me.

In my foraging around I came across a pretty sheet of tissue paper that had some nice fleur de lys on it. Since it was a complete sheet I found it hard to tear up and then, realising I really liked it, I hesitated even more. I only had the one sheet after all! But there’s something a bit bonkers with that thinking isn’t there?

If I don’t value something I use it but if I like something I save it for a more suitable occasion. In this instance, a better painting

Since when I start a painting I have no idea how well it will turn out how will I know when to use it?

Then there’s the scarcity issue. I don’t want to use something if I’ve only got one of them or it’s unique and I won’t be able to replace it. That’s not a very fun place to live though is it?

The piece of tissue that started this ruminating was a gift anyway. A month ago I didn’t own it and I have no way of knowing what will come my way in the future. So why not use what I’m drawn to despite it’s perceived value, scarcity or ability to be ruined?

What’s that saying . . . nature abhors a vacuum? Maybe the more I use the stuff I’m tempted to the more space I will create for beautiful/fun/interesting/surprising things to come to me.

Worth a try I reckon? What about you?

How about taking something you’ve been saving for a future occasion and wear or using it?

If you do,  please leave a comment and let us know.

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