Inspirational ShopI can’t believe I’m writing this – that I’m creating a website to showcase my paintings and record the stories behind them.

At no time in my life have I ever wanted to be an artist or even considered the possibility of being one. It simply wasn’t on my radar and yet here I am going public with my “art”. How did that happen? It’s bizarre!

I can, at least tell you how I came to be painting and how that seemingly insignificant event has led to this. Click on the link to read that particular story.

I wanted to create this site to tell the story as it unfolds as a testament to what is possible when you take little steps into the unknown, following what feels right and not thinking too much about it. Always assuming that something interesting is going to happen from here, of course!

If you find the story interesting or like the art please comment, like and/or pass the message on.