Getting Ready Grave Stones FB‘Getting ready to get ready’ comes in many forms. It’s the lie we tell ourselves when maybe we’re a little bit fearful of moving forward, or concerned that something might not work or in our hearts we just plain don’t want to do the thing.

It’s a bit more advanced than good old procrastination since, to all intents and purposes, our getting readiness looks logical and sensible – maybe we just need to watch one more training video and then we’ll start, or find a new piece of software that will make the task easier or take advice from another expert, or clean up our work space, or run our errands.

All of the preparation reasons can be justified but truth is, we learn best by getting stuck in and, we are second guessing an outcome that can’t possibly be known. That’s been me for a while now when it comes to finding clients.

Sometime back I declared my intention to sign up 3 new clients. After much faffing and getting ready to get ready I finally decided to take the easiest, most straight forward route. At the time, that looked like contacting everyone on my email list so I did that. It didn’t get me very far but, hey ho, I gave it a try.

Then there was the ‘Slightly bonkers Coach seeks 3 “I’m up for it” clients‘ video. That almost worked since someone contacted me and wanted to sign up. They didn’t realise they needed to pay though so that went no further. However, he was very enthusiastic and I realised the ‘just putting it out there’ video had potential. Then I forgot about it.

So . . . steps in the right direction.

Back in January, however, when I first asked myself the question “what is the most direct route” to potential clients the answer I came up with was Facebook advertising. I wasn’t ready to try that though, as I didn’t have anywhere to send people so I spent some time (and by time I mean weeks:-) ) creating a sales page. Then I forgot about it.

Fast forward to now and I’ve finally bitten the Facebook Ad bullet and signed up for some training. I’m a week into going through each step, asking loads of questions and whingeing to my mates that I can’t find the information I need. To be fair my situation does seems to be different from most people in the group but that hasn’t stopped others from just jumping in and getting on with it.

The proven, sensible strategy offered in the training involves starting with a minimum of 500 fans (at this point I have 35), offering a free gift, building a list etc. etc. All good stuff but it’s not how I want to do it.

I’ve been doing my “good girl” routine and following the expert advice but in my heart I want to do it my way. I want to reach clients by the most direct route as designed by me which is write an ad which attracts people to sign up for a free call, have a conversation and then do or don’t sign then up.

What is really stopping me is a fear that my way won’t work and I’ll waste my money and worse, I’ll be forced to face the harsh reality that I’ll have to do what teacher says if I want to get anywhere. Well, stuff that for a game of soldiers, I’m ready enough. Facebook advertising here I come!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If this has sparked an insight and you’re ready to give up getting ready, feel free to leave a comment below and tell us your intention.

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