Unstuck Dice

Having Just returned from a wonderful 10 days in Ireland (attending the ‘Space For Dreaming‘ Art Workshop) I’m finding it hard to settle into my everyday life. Rather than struggling with making a decision about what I should do next I created a game for myself whereby I chose 6 possibilities, wrote them on the side of a wooden cube and rolled the dice!

I set an intention first – to work on building my business of coaching and selling art.

My 6 choices are:

1.  Unpack – I made a half-hearted attempt yesterday but still have stuff in my 2 suitcases that needs to be put away, washed or hung up.

2.  Domestic – the house is a bit of a tip and there is washing that needs to be done.

3.  Tidy studio – I have just dumped all my art materials after my trip and the attic’s already a right mess from preparing for the workshop.

4.  Work on my new website layout.

5.  Finish some quotes paintings to go on Fine Art America.

6.  Write content for the new website or a blog post.

It might seem that some of those items don’t relate to the business but, for me, there’s not a clear divide. The business has to fit seamlessly into my life or I don’t want to build one. These 6 things were uppermost in my mind as things that needed to be done so they all went on the dice.

As you can see, the first roll was number 6 so here I am writing a blog post. I have set a timer for 45 minutes (the time I use with clients on my ‘Get It Done Fun Days’) and will roll the dice again when it goes off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

First roll:  Blog Post – I created this post plus Return From A Space For Dreaming

Second roll: Tidy Studio – Still a lot to clear up but it’s a good start!

Studio Collage

Then it was lunch time and after lunch I was on a roll, working on some found poetry, doing a bit of knitting and helping a friend with some web stuff.

So, if you’re feeling a bit stuck and have a number of choices of what to do, how about creating a dice of your own and let it help you to get moving?

If you decide to play let us know in the comments what you put on your dice and how it went. (If you’re reading this in an email, click on the title and you’ll be taken directly to the blog post where you can add your adventures).

Have fun!