This post refers to the colour prompt in Part 2 of the Fall Fearless and Fly Challenge:

“What color do you like least? Use it!”

No competition as far as I’m concerned. I really, really dislike black. So much so that I couldn’t bring myself to start something new. I couldn’t imagine creating anything that I’d like if I used a lot of black so decided to take an old canvas and start from there. Since I’d already discarded the canvas I wasn’t bothered about ruining it some more by painting it with black!




This is the abandoned canvas I used as the starting point. I’d covered up the original painting with left over medium and paints from other pictures and then given up on it. At one time there was even a wet wipe stuck on there (you can see the square shape if you look) but I removed it because it look really naff.







Here’s the next stage. I covered it in black and then used a kitchen towel to dab off most of the paint.









I then did the same again with red – my next most disliked colour. At his point the tissue paper was lifting from the canvas and annoying me so I took a palette knife to it and ripped it off!



To my great surprise I discovered the original painting underneath (which coincidentally had black on it) and quite liked the result. I outlined the rips with a black sharpie and ended up with this.

The textures are really interesting and I’d definitely use black and red as a wash in the future. I like the textured “frame” thing going on too. So all in all it was a really fun and very surprising experiment!