At the beginning of this blog I explained I was experimenting with  “what is possible when you take little steps into the unknown, following what feels right and not thinking too much about it”. Letting the adventure unfold without any goals or targets has felt right so far but now I find myself drawn to adding a bit more direction. I don’t want any hard and fast targets that I end up striving to achieve but I think it might be fun to have something more concrete to measure my “progress” by.

Yesterday a friend and I went to a big antiques fair. We had a lovely time, enjoying each others company, collecting ideas and having a good poke around. We both had cash in our purses but, in the end, neither of us bought anything. That led to a conversation about how we were at a place in our lives where we didn’t really want anything much and how, these days, we don’t tend look less outside ourselves too often for the source of our happiness/well-being.

The only thing that I can think of that would be icing on the cake to how my life is right now is if my partner could retire. As things stand he will have to work until at least retirement age in order for us to pay off the mortgage – something we’d like to have achieved before we lose his income.

So . . . making some money from this “art” adventure might be a way to move that date forward. Right now the most obvious way to do that would be to sell some art so that’s where I’ll start. However, the most important thing still is to enjoy the process and if I never sell anything that will be OK.

Paramount is the investigation . . . the discovery . . . trying to make money just gives me a playing field on which to play.

Let the games begin!