Wow. That was close. I nearly gave up on my Kindle book because I’m really, really struggling with the photographs. I’m just about managing to put up “good enough” rather than perfect ones on my website but I’m simply not convinced they are good enough for a book.

End Every Assumption With A Question Mark

I’m not prepared to pay for a professional photographer at this point and, although I managed to come up with a couple of other options – skills swap, photography student – I’m not sure how I could make that work since I need to take photos at different stages during each project.

That set me off thinking about whether or not to start a different book or to maybe drop the whole Kindle thing for now.

For most of the morning I’ve been acting from a place of needing to find a solution right now or give up on the book.

But . . . here’s the thing. I’m not really at the point where I know that I can’t do this.

  • I’m assuming I won’t find a way to take photos I’m happy with.
  • I’m assuming I can’t find a way around that without paying a professional.
  • I’m assuming that even if I did get someone else to take the photos it wouldn’t work for reasons stated above.

The truth is I haven’t gone far enough with this to know one way or another. So here’s how I’m going to proceed. I’m going to write the text for the book and put markers in saying “put photo here”.

When the only thing that’s truly stopping me publishing is my lack of photos, I’ll decide what, if anything to do about it then.

The world is full of infinite possibility, right? I just need to stay open to that which I can’t see yet.

Have you given up on something because you couldn’t see a solution to a problem you foresaw? Can you move forward with it anyway?

Leave a comment and let me know . . .