Yesterday I wrote how letting go had enabled me to stop faffing and start creating and how I was going to go back to the beginning of Flora Bowley’s Bloom True Boot Camp to give me a bit of structure. Well, I never actually got around to day 1 but I still found myself being more productive than I’ve been in a long time. And . . . with no pushing or trying (almost none anyway!).

After writing the blog post I wanted to add an image so I chose one of my inspirational quotes paintings that had been lying incomplete for months and added the words “Let Go” to it. It seemed very appropriate! I photographed the painting, uploaded it to Fine Art America, then to my blog and then published the blog post. That in itself is a great example of how letting go helps.

I first scanned the painting which didn’t produce a good image. So I switched to my camera and then took 2 hours to get a decent enough photo. I almost gave up because the file size is so small. Not to mention that the upcycled game letters is just a temporary fix. I really want to make a better job of adding the words but, at each point I went for good enough rather than perfect and kept moving.

I tweeted about it, commented on Flora’s blog and posted to Instagram. It all just flowed. There was none of the usual “don’t make me do internet marketing” angst. Wonderful!

So . . . back to the boot camp . . .

Before I could get to Day 1 the messiness of all the surfaces in my art space caught my eye. So I jumped straight in and choose one area to clear up. I set the timer for half an hour and got to work.

Here’s the before photograph:



And here’s the area less than 15 minutes later:


Impressive eh? Well I thought so!

There is still plenty to sort out but, since I often use clearing up as a distracting activity to put off creating something, I left it there and moved on.

Returning to the boot camp I saw that I had inadvertently jumped to Day 2: Prepare Your Space and I was happy to take it from there. Day 1 is Invite the Sacred which doesn’t appeal so much.

Day 3 is Gather Your supplies. I don’t need to do that because I have enough supplies to keep me going for years and they’re pretty well organised. The challenge I have is getting myself to use them!!! But . . .

. . . spoiler alert . . . I’m going to my very first art workshop in less than 2 weeks – A Space For Dreaming – and I’m in the process of gathering my stash together to take with me. More on that nearer the time or at the time??? Can’t think about it right it’s too exciting/scary.

Since it’s you though, I’ll give you a sneak peek of what I’ve gathered together so far . . .

Hours of fun there, eh?!

Hours of fun there, eh?!


So . . . back to the boot camp . . . Day 4 is Get Quiet which is the one with the great meditation that got me started and which I referred to in yesterday’s post.

Day 5 – Let Go. Yep. Already busy with that one.

Day 6 – Move Your Body. Well, what do you know? It’s almost 3 o’clock so I’m off to the coffee shop for my afternoon caffeine fix. Perfect timing. I’ll move my body there and leave this post here! More to follow . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you’ve enjoyed this little peek into Flora’s boot camp or are feeling a bit stuck feel free to join in. You can start anytime. The link’s at the top of the post.

And . . . as always . . . please leave a comment if you have a moment . . .