It’s only 9.25 a.m. and already I’ve been reminded twice that simple things can make a big difference.

The first relates to this video I watched earlier –  ‘Make The Homeless Smile – Worldwide’.

Such a simple gesture but so moving. I’m guessing the act of being acknowledged by a stranger is as much a gift as the clothes or food.

I was surprised at how many fear thoughts arose whilst I was watching it and imagining myself doing the same thing. How sad, that made up thinking can get in the way of being kind. 🙁

The second example was an arty one.

It’s a bit cooler today so I’m delighted to be in the attic. My intention had been to get to work on a painting to display the quote you voted for in my ‘Vote For A Quote’ game. (If you missed that one there’s a new poll running. Click on this Vote For A Quote link to state your preference).

However, I’m not feeling particularly inspired right now so have been clearing up a bit and, whilst doing so, found myself covering an old ice cream tub. I used one of my Gelli prints I did on tissue and just stuck it on with PVA. Now I have a pleasing container for my mark making things.

I had no intention of doing this when I started this morning but I’m really pleased with it. Much simpler than an “official” painting but just as pleasing. Maybe more so since it was unexpected.

upcycled ice cream tub


What simple things make you happy?

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