The last few days I’ve been back in the attic after a couple of weeks away having fun at the Commonwealth Games and visiting friends “up North”.  I’ve been making the most of a drop in temperature and my first port of call was to get stuck in with the Citra Solv as mentioned in my last What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday post. Alas, it was not to be. It seems I’ve bought the wrong type of Citra Solv which ends up making the pages greasy and not moving any ink. Grrrrrr! So I’ve got another order in. Hopefully it will arrive faster than the last one and I’ll have a report for you by next Wednesday.

Returning to my game of adding something to every board in my Pinterest account I decided to focus on Mixed Media next.

Sometime back I found a tutorial by Sabine Belz called Abstract Acrylic Painting Spackling and Ink which looked good fun so I decided to have a go at that. The tutorial is in German so I took my best guess at to what she’s actually doing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

First I took an old painting I picked up from the dump

Mixed media and ink 1

and covered it with ‘all purpose filler’ mixed with PVA glue.

Mixed Media and Ink 2


It didn’t turn out as planned as the “canvas” is one of those printed on plastic ones so is very stretchy. I intended to make the surface smooth but went for textured instead when I quickly saw that smooth just wasn’t going to happen. As the filler dried it cracked giving a nice crackle effect so I lightly sanded it to get rid of the worst knobbly bits and went with it.


I added inks, water and tissue paper.

Mixed medi and ink 3

Then I used a palette knife to add texture paste mixed with a little bit of ink.

I felt I ended up with too much colour on the finished piece so added a bit more texture paste with my finger and tried to blend it in with a bit of water.

Mixed media and ink

The biggest difference between my attempt and the one in the video is that everything was drying almost as soon as it was added to the canvas where as Sabine Belz seem to have more time to work with the materials. The sun’s come out again and it’s very, very hot in the attic. Maybe I need to add more water next time.

I’m not sure how much I like the finished product but I definitely loved the process and will give it another go some time. I might add some glass beads medium to the inked stripe to make it shine a bit. It will be going on my Mixed Media Pinterest board either way. So all in all I’d say that was a success!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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