Beach BusinessSo here I am, lying on the beach after returning from a lovely few days staying with new friends and old on the Yorkshire coast. Which followed spending a fun few days with a friend in Glasgow which came after spending time with family and friends on the west coast of Scotland scattered with a few trips to the Commonwealth Games. And I think to myself . . . in the immortal words of Louis Armstrong . . . What a wonderful world!

I see again . . . it is the simple things that make me happy – spending time with friends and family, exploring new places, listening to the waves and I wonder . . . how do I create a business that is not separate from this or one that doesn’t “interfere” with this other life?

So I take the “I” out of the equation and trust that a business is already being created. As I lie here enjoying the simple pleasures, the universe is in motion.

. . . . . .

In the note pad I have with me I have questions written down that I “need” to answer. They are about the nature of my business, the details, numbers, my motivation etc. And I will answer them as best I can with what I know now, not attached to getting them “right” and with a sense of curiosity as to how this will unfold.

The questions are the first exercise in a big website overhaul I’m undertaking. It feels long overdue so when an opportunity arose to work with someone who’s a master at such things, I jumped at it.

My hope for the project is that I will be able to create a space where all the bits I’ve been dabbling in can hang out together in a way that “works”.

I’ve tried the conventional wisdom of keeping different businesses separate but I found I just jumped from coaching, to art and back again. And that is not my life. It is not nicely compartmentalised – family here, business there, travel here, art there, coaching somewhere else. It is all one experience, all one me.

. . . . . .

I’ll get stuck into the questions soon but first there is time for just one more swim.