stay openA few weeks a go I made up a game for myself of trying to create something pinnable for each of my Pinterest boards. This was partly to narrow down my focus of what to make and also to do something potentially businessy that I actually enjoy. However, I’d set up my Pinterest accounts according to the common wisdom of what “works” from a commercial perspective.

This meant that, earlier in the year I set up a new account specifically for my coaching business and kept it separate from my personal one. However, I’ve been finding it too much work to manage and I wasn’t enjoying pinning to my business account as it was starting to feel a bit contrived . So I’ve decided to ignore the popular wisdom and go back to doing what I was doing originally and just have the one account.

Last Friday I started the process of consolidation, taking the best from my Flow Coaching account and moving it across to my personal one. As soon as I did this I felt a huge sense of relief.  Now I’m back to just being me, posting what I think is helpful or interesting to my clients and the stuff I personally like and find inspiring all in one place. It’s not singularly focused and from a business prospective some might say it’s messy but it’s an authentic reflection of where I am and so takes less effort and I’m happy with that.

Using Pinterest both for my own pleasure and as a business tool is fun again and now I can get back to playing my game of trying to create something to post on each of my boards.

To that end I decided to tackle the Citra Solv art board today. Citra Solv  is an American eco cleaning product which when applied to National Geographic magazines, creates interesting altered pages. (Visit my Citra Solv Pinterest board for some examples.)

At the weekend I found some National Geographic magazines at the Sunday market so since then I’ve been itching to give the technique a go. However, I don’t actually have any Citra Solv, but I do have something similar called Zest It . I thought I’d try using that since it sounds like it’s a very similar product but, sadly, it didn’t work. It just made the paper greasy and did nothing to the ink so I’m going to order some Citra Solv from the internet and try again another day.

Now I just need to decide which board I’ll tackle instead. Hmmmm . . .

Oh yeah . . . and if you’re keen to find out what I do with the Citra Solv once it arrives and you’re not already signed up to receive my updates, you can do so in the right hand column – under “Don’t Miss Out”. It would be great to have you follow along!