This week’s What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday finds me with a number of items in progress and not much done.

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my blog last week. I really do appreciate them.

Orange DeskThe large canvas is an old painting which has been lying dormant for months. I was inspired to take it up again when I heard that Mandarin Orange Monday is celebrating their 100th birthday and having a giveaway. However, I’ve missed the deadline for that so it will probably end up back in the “waiting for inspiration” pile.

The book poetry is moving again thanks to Bookworm Laura’s and Robyn’s suggestions to add some gesso and paint. Why on earth didn’t I think of that?

The tea bag is still there as a reminder. I’ve yet to do anything with them. I have started some research though and created a Tea Bag Art board on Pinterest. I know, I know . . . creating a Pinterest board doesn’t count as making art!

The cards in the background are from a board game I bought to upcycle. I got them out because someone (sorry, I’ve forgotten who) mentioned an altered card swap and I’ve been thinking about doing that.

So . . . sadly, it’s been a bit of a faffing around week with not a lot of making going on. I wish I could clone myself and have a ‘Get It Done Fun Day‘ with me. It’s so much easier to motivate others and bathe in the glory of their successes rather than get on with my own stuff. 🙂

Ah well. Today’s a new day and all that!