My first public commission! Sounds a bit grand doesn’t it? But there it is.

Yesterday I was beside myself with excitement. Today I’m “yeah, whatever”! But secretly excited, nervous, astounded . . . a bit in shock I think.

You Are Enough Red 1

Here’s how it happened . . .

I created a Facebook page after years of putting it off:  Gillian Pearce Art

Unknown person but soon to be first public client takes Yoga class and hears a quote she likes.

Arrives home and decides to look it up on the internet. Finds this site, likes my paintings then finds Facebook page (no idea how that works). Leaves a message on FB asking if I could paint a picture using the quote she likes in the style of a couple of other paintings on the site that have different quotes.

Wow! What? Wow!

Painting begins . . .

. . . and that’s What’s On My Workdesk (this) Wednesday.

Pretty cool, eh?

If you like this blog/my writing/my art/me please like my new FB page Gillian Pearce Art and follow along there too. You’re already following this blog, right? 🙂

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.