I really, really want to write a post today. I haven’t written since last Wednesday and my lack of posting has been on my mind. But there isn’t really anything that jumps out at me to say. So I’m just going to write . . .

I’ve been in and out of a lot of thinking recently. Caught up in feeling a bit harrumph, wishing I was feeling something different and coming up with a load of reasons why that might be. Not stuck exactly, but more thinking about thinking than I’ve gotten used to.

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Today I’m working on the commission I got a couple of weeks ago but shortly I will have to stop as it’s soooooo hot in the attic. It’s been a fun process overall and I hope I can stay up here long enough to finish it today!

I’ve done some fun stuff with the family including Sunday lunch in a country pub garden, rescuing someone who got locked in a bathroom and watching a film from the beach.

The film was projected onto the chalk cliff face. Very cool. There we were lying on the beach at 11 p.m. at night, supping wine, experiencing that wonderful sense of connection that seems to come from hanging out with bunch of relaxed people. I posted a picture here: Rock Up Rottingdean. If you have a moment, please take a look and “like” it  . . . which takes me to the other stuff I’ve been doing . . . social media.

I have a bit of a mental block about social media since I worked so long in the internet marketing world. I particularly dislike Facebook and, so far, that’s most definitely not changing.

I want to build more community around this blog and social media seems an obvious way to do that. However, I bring my history with me and find myself getting caught up in a lot of unhelpful thinking about it. I handle it by taking a step back every time I notice myself moaning about something.

I ask myself “do I really want to do this right now?

Most of the time, having gotten quiet, the answer is “I do” and off I go again.

Wishing you all a wonder filled week!


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