Guess where I’ve just been . . .

. . . yep.

I’ve just got back from the Post Office having posted my first public commissioned piece of inspirational art. Sooooo exciting!

you are enough red pink



It was  bit of a nail biting experience but I got there in the end. It was a great opportunity for learning as my client(?)/customer(?)/collector(ha,ha) was very kind so I was able to work out how to do this without irritating her. 🙂

Having seen a quote that she liked and
a picture that she liked
she asked if I could combine the two.

note to self pink
whatever you do red
Unfortunately, I didn’t have any of the paper left from the original painting so we discussed alternative colours and I came up with this which turned out to be not quite right:your are enough red gold

After much scratching of the head my client(?)/customer(?)/collector(ha,ha) was able to give me some feedback on what she particularly liked about the original painting.

At the weekend I went in search of papers as close to the original as possible and due to a very kind shop assistant who tore out a sample from a book and to my daughter who donated some of her papers I was able to create a close match. And, et viola, a painting that got the response “I love it!”

So what are the take aways from this . . .

1. Earlier in the week a friend had suggested that trying to create something as close to the original as possible was probably the easiest way to go. Not sure why I didn’t think of that at the time but it makes sense now. Especially as there are so many variables in each painting and often it’s hard to put your finger on exactly just what it is you like about a particular piece – beyond the colour and words.

2. Check the exact wording wanted BEFORE I paint. Again, pretty obvious now, but something I omitted that was important.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

OK. Your turn. Please feel free to screech with delight on my behalf!

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