There hasn’t been much art going on the last couple of weeks. Partly due to the weather making it too hot to work in the attic and partly due to me feeling a bit (well lets be honest here) a lot, blah. So there isn’t much “work” on my desk this Wednesday. More a clutter of things that I’ve done in the moments when I wasn’t floored by rampantly energy draining thinking.

And, yes, that is a roll of toilet paper. Somewhat symbolic perhaps.

Messy Desk

The desk like my mind needs a good clean up!

The toilet roll is for making embellishments using rubber stamps and water. Simple but effective and easy to do when energy is low.

The orange box is an old game box I experimented on to see if I could get away with painting directly onto a shiny surface. Didn’t work. The paint peeled off. Tried it with gesso which was slightly better but not 100% successful. So I lightly sanded the parts that weren’t holding the paint. I took the colours from the original ones on the box and have ended up with a nice item for storage.

I have been ripping the vintage curtain into binding like fabric strips, the plan being to sell them in my shop at some point. Another simple and low energy thing that I was able to do whilst watching videos.

The vintage game Kan-U-Go is on the desk because I added that to my shop. Although it turns out I got the dimensions of the photo wrong so I’ll need to redo that once the weather picks up again. (Yesterday and today it’s raining and overcast which means I get to work in the attic. Hoorah!)

This is the bit where it would be nice to add a deeply insightful conclusion to my post but sadly, in the Land of Blah, they’re in short supply. Feel free to supply your own though. In the comments would be good.

Wishing you all a wonder filled week . . .


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