Today’s painting is particularly apt . . .

be stillWhen I sat at the computer this morning I felt agitated by the number of regular emails that I’ve let pile up in my inbox. Then there were the new ones that were generated by my starting to use Twitter again. So then I felt agitated that I’d never be able to manage Twitter or use it correctly and why the hell was I even trying anyway? What did I want with Twitter and what’s the point of it?

The increase in Twitter emails is partly due to my ‘Vote For A quote‘ game so off I went to check how that’s going. Very well it seems!

It is now complete, meaning one of the quotes has reached 10 votes so that’s another thing to do and my mind rushed off to make this into a regular thing which means I need to start mentioning it on Gillian Pearce Art my new Facebook page and I should create a category just for this particular game and I think I’ll make the next one stop at 15 rather than 10 and gosh, I need to set up a new poll quickly because people will be voting on the one that finished but I need to chose new quotes and do I put the ones that didn’t win back in . . . and . . .  and . . . you get the picture!

So . . . what’s to do?

S T O P   I T   G I L L I A N

I look out the window and

notice the flowers in my window box

and the tree beyond.

I let the thoughts flow through.

And breath.

And into my head pops an email I meant to send yesterday.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Half an hour later the email is written along with a couple of other things.

I’m still no wiser as to what to do about my inbox and what to do next but I’m relaxed again and having fun. My inbox will get taken care off if it needs to.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After lunch a friend and I are planning to do some web stuff together and then we’re going to the beach.

Between now and then I don’t know. I’ll just let it unfold . . .

Wishing you a peaceful and relaxing day.


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