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I was recently chatting to my lovely mate Wendy, whom I’ve not spoken to for a few weeks and the first thing she says to me, after “hello” and “how’s things?” is . . .

“I’m really missing your blog posts”.
“I’m still writing” says I.
“Yes, but not everyday” says she. “I miss hearing what you’re up to”.

Well, knock me down with a feather. I know she’s my mate and all that but I’d sort of assumed she didn’t read them. After all, I only asked her to sign up so she could check some technical stuff for me and she’s not particularly interested in the arty side of things. But, curiously, she says she’s started to notice more arty type stuff around her and is seeing it in a different way. How coolio!


My friend Tony said something similar a few weeks back, about how much he was enjoying them. He was a bit surprised I think. Me too!

It just goes to show, you never really know the effect your writing is having and, if you’re a bit of an Eeyore like me, you’re likely to err on the negative side assuming nobody’s really enjoying it. So, note to self . . .” just stop it Gillian!”

Suddenly I’m feeling inspired to make an effort to write more often again.

I doubt I’ll write every day because I found it to be a bit of an interference at weekends but I’m willing to aim for writing every week day.

I’m going to practice being even more relaxed about what I do and don’t write about.

Take my Christmas in June post, for example. I almost didn’t write it because I didn’t think it had a place on my blog. And then I thought, well if this blog is about my life journey, then how can it not have stuff about the people and things I love on it?

From the reader’s point of view, Wendy found that it transported her back to the big concerts she’d been to and left her with a warm, happy feeling. I hadn’t considered that. I won’t be second guessing the effect my writing might be having though. That’s a sure way of blocking myself. No. There’s no need to do that.

I want to be free to write whatever comes to me without censor and I’m expecting that to get easier the more I write.

So, as requested by Wendy, expect to see some regular blogging action again.

The more astute among you will, of course, have noticed that it’s already started!


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