Birling Gap 13.1.13Wow! I feel like I have been run over by a bus.

There has been so much going on lately and I have been feeling very off centre in between some wonderful family events. Then I got a chesty cold and spent the last 2 days in bed.

My dear friend Tony came around today to do some attic art but as soon as he arrived I got really weepy. I hadn’t realised I was feeling quite so wobbly so we went for a walk, hung out in one of the beautiful local Regency Squares and then on the beach.

I related the details of why I was upset and we ended up talking 3 Principles, non-duality, life, death and infinity. It wasn’t as heavy as it sounds. Just a curious wandering through what came up with occasional desperation on my part as I tried to understand what can’t be understood.

As I write this I’m feeling really rough and totally exhausted and yet . . . strangely peaceful. I am so grateful to have friends who listen and converse deeply but don’t try and fix. Friends who are not only there on my good days but who love and nurture me even in times when I find it hard to love and nurture myself.

So . . . to all my beautiful friends . . . thank you for being such a precious part of my life.

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