I know, I know. You don’t hear from me for months and then you get 2 emails in as many days. Well . . . I did mention that I was going to make a ‘Get It Done Fun Days‘ pin for each of my Pinterest boards and that’s what seems to have happened. Not in the way I intended and not for the board I was planning on, but that’s what happens when you stop twiddling your thumbs and take the next step.

I didn’t have a client yesterday morning and felt at a bit of a loss as to what to do. After a lot of harrumphing, sighing and general inner whinging my eye fell on a decidedly unattractive painting on the wall. The last time I visited it I’d tried to remedy it’s unattractiveness by tearing up some index pages from an A to Z atlas and sticking them on to it. It didn’t work.

But then, in a separate twiddling thumbs waiting for the muse incident I picked at the bits that weren’t properly stuck down and ripped them off leaving more jaggedy space in between. Better I thought.

So, yesterday, I’m staring into space when my eyes land on those bits of paper and I think – I know, I’ll stick on some of that Hebrew writing I found in a book on Sunday. So off I go to find the book.

Fast forward an hour or so and I’m sitting with a discarded pile of torn pages having been distracted by the words on the first page that were just screaming out to be turned into a blackout poem.

Put that scream together with the ‘make a pin for every board’ idea and you get:

Get It Done Blackout Poem


such a profusion
there was no room for more.

But the impetus for
emerged and

they took up again
the creative process


Is that not bloody spot on for a ‘Get It Done Fun Days’ pin? Yep. I thought so too. Feeling very smug I was.

So then I moved on to decorating the page. I wasn’t so thrilled with how that bit turned out but it’s my first attempt so it was good enough. And there you have the good news – a very apt blackout poem that flowed from twiddly thumbs – hoorah!

Cue music – “And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like . . .”

Actually I didn’t really say something stupid, just “oh s**t”.

I spilled my wine on my beautiful new poem. Yep. I  S P I L L  E D   M Y   B L O O D Y   W I N E   O N   I T  before even a drop had touched my lips. Klutz!

And as if that wasn’t enough I noticed I’d doodled my connecting lines in the wrong place. Bloody, bloody, bloody . . . and I’d been feeling so smug.

Wine stain. Bad news. Boo!

So . . . now I’m working on getting over my huge disappointment before this morning’s first ‘Get It Done’ session . . .


Right . . . that’s me over it!

And here’s another bit of good news . . . even though I won’t be putting my poem on my new Blackout Poetry board it will fit very nicely on my Pinterest Fails board. Result!

One board down and way too many to think about to go.


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