Today’s Gelli Prints  were inspired by Willow Studio’s Mono Printing using Paper Cut Outs

This method is similar to that described in my Mask On Gelli Print Challenge post. The main difference is you put the mask onto the plate paint side up as opposed to paint side up. This didn’t seem to make much difference to my results which like the paint side down method were not very satisfactory.

My first attempts using the Willow Studio’s method were made using some black 225 gsm card for the cut outs. Here’s the steps and results:

1.  Draw and cut out shapes to fit onto Gelli Plate

2.  Coat the Gelli Plate with acrylic paint and place the cut outs onto it. It was a bit tricky getting the cut outs exactly where I wanted them hence the slight unintentional overlapping.

Cut Outs On Gelli Plate


3. Brayer acrylic paint in a second colour over the cut outs without pressing too much onto the plate.

Painted Cut Outs On Gelli Plate

4.  Place paper on the plate and rub carefully but firmly and remove.

Cut Outs On Gelli Plate Print 1

Grrrrrr! Card stuck to plate. Getting fed up with this happening!

5.  Lightly brayer another layer of paint onto the plate. Place paper on the plate, burnish and remove.

6.  Add another layer of paint and print.

7.  Carefully remove the cut outs to reveal the original layer of paint, burnish and print.

I was feeling pretty frustrated by this point. I’m not sure which steps the prints below refer to and I seem to be missing one. I was past caring at this point!

Cut Outs On Gelli Plate Print 1
Cut Outs On Gelli Plate Print 3


So with a huge amount of fortitude I gave it one last go using 0.2mm acetate for the cut outs. I thought it was less likely to stick to the paper or the Gelli Plate, which I was right about, but the downside of that is the paint stick less to the cut out. You win some you lose some it seems!

Here are the resulting prints:

Acetate Cut Outs On Gelli Plate



Acetate Cut Outs On Gelli Plate 2

They’re nothing like the quality of the ones in the video but at least I gave it a good go and now . . . I’m moving on.

At time of writing – 32 of 101 Gelli Prints completed.



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