Well, it’s certainly been a long time since I wrote a blog post!

This year the art side of things slowed down significantly but it is picking up again now. To be honest, I struggle making stuff just for the love of it and when I think that my creations are just going to sit around and become clutter, making anything loses it’s appeal.

One way I’ve been addressing that is by giving more paintings away as gifts. I did think of offering them on my site with the ‘Pay What You Want’ model. But that doesn’t really solve the problem because it’s not so much about people not wanting to pay but more about people knowing that they’re for sale in the first place. Anyhoo . . .

Get It Done Fun DaysI’ve set myself a new challenge that I think will be fun and get me creating more regularly again. I’ve started a new ‘Get It Done Fun Days’ coaching service and I’m going to use my Pinterest account to help get the word out. In order to do that I’m going to go through each of my boards, one by one, and create something that relates to both the topic of the board and to the ‘Get It Done Fun Days’ offer. The collage above is my first attempt.

It’s painted on an upycled game board box and incorporates recycled fabrics and a dress embellishment I made from a page of an upcycled vintage book.

The idea for the ‘Get It Done Fun Days’ came about when a friend of mine, who is an artist, asked for help to get her creating again. She’d moved to a new studio and was feeling a bit overwhelmed and struggling to make anything. So I coached her throughout the day.

I called her on Facetime, we had a conversation, she worked for 45 minutes then I called her back, we had a conversation, she worked for 45 minutes, then I called her back etc.

I timed all the work blocks so she didn’t need to be distracted by watching the clock and I made all the calls to her.

We kept at it for a full day and that was enough to get her in motion again. She’s now got a lovely selection of beautiful lavender pillows sewn from vintage linens and a set of nature themed notelets. Better still she’s bursting with ideas and off getting them done on her own. Oh yes, and she’s already sold 2 of the lavender pillows. Bit of a result I’d say!

That got me thinking . . . and when I mentioned what I’d been doing to another friend she asked if she could have a go. She’s not an artist but the coaching worked just as well for her business as it did for my artist friend. Since then I’ve worked very successfully with 2 other friends and I’m now offering this as part of my coaching practice.

For more details on how it works visit the ‘Get It Done Fun Days‘ page.

They are really helpful for people who:

  • know what they want to do but are dragging their feet getting stuff done
  • feel totally overwhelmed by all the stuff they need to do
  • feel disheartened because they don’t really want to do the stuff they feel they have to do
  • don’t know what they want to do but feel they should be doing something

If you recognise yourself in any of the above go to the ‘Get It Done Fun Days‘ page and let’s get started.