It’s that time again. It’s What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday?!

And the answer is:  Gelli prints, Gelli Plate prints, and Gelli  Monoprints. Ha, ha. Thought if I mixed up the names a bit I might make it sound a bit more interesting. I’m getting a bit stir crazy as I plod my way towards my 101 prints target!

 Gelli Prints

But I digress . . .

. . . Returning to my Gelli Plate Monoprinting Board on my Pinterest account I found a video describing how to make a print using clear parcel tape (packing tape to those of you across The Pond)! It’s a very different approach from most of the other videos out there because it requires the paint to dry on the plate. So you’ll need a bit of patience!

Excellent written instructions can be found here:  Gelli Transfer Prints and here’s the video:

I found this to be much easier to do than the Mask on Gelli Print one and I’m pleased with the results.


Clear Parcel Tape Gelli Print


I brayered on a layer of yellow and green acrylic paint and then added various marks using an old food container lid, corrugated cardboard, a drinking straw, a cake making tool, a plastic fork and a rubber tipped tool.

There were about 5 periods where I needed to stop and wait for the paint to dry before continuing.

This is the final print still on the plate. Note the clear gaps.





After lifting the print with the packing tape I added music, book pages, kitchen foil and gold foil to the sticky side. This is the result after lifting the paint from the Gelli Plate.

Packing Tape Gelli Print

I’m thinking I could make some pretty tags from these. What do you think?
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