So . . . Blogathon2 is ending in a couple of hours and I’ve done about as much as I’m going to do. I’m looking forward to writing this post and then going back to the attic or maybe out for a walk.

That said, I’d had a very productive time and have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I worked on Friday afternoon and this morning.

We had relatives visiting this weekend but I was still able to grab the odd 15 or 30 minutes when they were resting or out and about on their own and I surprised myself with what I was able to accomplish. As well as the blog stuff, I fitted in a lunch and dinner at home, a dinner and coffee out, a walk on Beachy head and a few drinks in the pub.

If you’re interested in the specific details of what I tackled you can view them on my original Blogathon2 post which I updated as I went along but here are some of the highlights:

The accomplishment that brought the greatest relief:  Clearing up my room and desk space


Office Space Before Big Clean Up


Office Space After Big Clean Up


Office Space Before Big Clean Up 2
Office Space Before Big Clean Up 3
Office Space Before Big Clean Up 4


Office Space After Big Clean Up 2
Office Space After Big Clean Up 3
Office Space After Big Clean Up 4

 The accomplishments I’m most chuffed about:

Starting to use Twitter again
Attending a Twitter party
Learning how to and using Instagram

The hardest part was getting going so when I stalled on Friday I went to the local coffee shop. I logged on there and after that I never looked back. Getting so much done whilst enjoying myself AND entertaining relatives and getting out and about was inspiring. Having the prompts of the mini challenges (of which I managed to complete 15 plus and chatting to other participants on Twitter made it social and fun.

All in all I managed to work 18 hours and 45 minutes. Isn’t that amazing?!!!  Where on earth did I find that from? At no time did I feel pressured. I just followed the good feeling, pretty much ignored my to do list and just did what I fancied doing next. Marvellous!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you feel at all inspired by this and fancy having a go, the date for the next Blogathon is January 24-27 2014. I’ve already put it into my calendar so, when the time arrives, if I’ve stuff I’d like to be getting on with I’ll have some fun support for it.