Yellow Tissue Gelli PrintI’m sure I’m well and truly past my 30 days deadline and since I seem to have stopped writing posts . . . it ends here!

Interestingly, about a week ago I composed a post in my head that was never committed to “paper” along the lines of “I’m giving up the experiment”. It felt like a big deal at the time but  I didn’t bother to publish it. Sending the post to announce my “failure” was just another example of trying to get it right so I let it go. And, actually, I was wrong anyway. I wrote another post a couple of days later.

I set up ‘30 Posts in 30 Days‘  to experiment with writing a post every day, even if it broke the so-called “rules”. I wanted to see what happened if I ignored the getting it “right” thoughts and stopped worrying about what people might think.

The result was . . . not a lot happened other than I got more posts written than I usually do and had more visitors. Ha, ha, ha!

I also said “I would like to break through the barriers that stop me writing or posting and see what’s on the other side. And I’d love to do that in a gentle, fun way.”Pink and Black Tissue Gelli Print

Well, I think I did write in a gentle and fun way but I’m not sure I broke through any barriers, not in the way I was hoping for at least. I had this idea that I could rally my inner troops, take on the enemy of  “doing it right” and face down my demons once and for all. But it’s not like that. Each post is a choice in it’s own right. I write it or I don’t.

Is it even possible to break through barriers in a gentle way? I have this vision of me sitting in front of a big hedge, gently picking the leaves off one by one in an attempt to get through. Seems to me I might be there a long time as the hedge would probably grow faster than I could pick. Why not get off my bum and just walk round it? No need to engage with the barrier at all.

So . . . what’s next?

I’m still really tired after this busy period and from being unwell so I don’t really have the energy to set up much. That’s a good thing because it makes me keep it really simple.

A couple of things I’m noticing:

1. I have a load of things in the attic that I’ve bought and have not yet tried out or used very much. I would like to take them out to play so I’ve starting making an inventory of them to help me do so.

2. One of the things that stops me playing is the fear of ending up with a load of art/stuff that just becomes clutter. It’s already happened to an extent. The result of that is that I don’t do stuff unless I can see a way that I could potentially sell it and that’s a big inspiration killer.

Red Tissue Gelli PrintSo, my next game is going to be:

Play For No Pay For 30 Days

The official start date will be tomorrow so the end date will be:  July 10th

I’m going to spend time making arty crafty stuff simply because it appeals to me, even if I can’t see where it’s going and/or I don’t think I’ll be able to sell it. For 30 days I’m going to allow myself to create even if I end up with a load of clutter.

To that end I’ve started experimenting with my Gelli plate (see pictures). I’ve owned this thing for 6 months now and have never really used it despite being very curious as to what I can create with it. I’ve done my first 24 prints with it and have learned a lot.

Think I might keep going until I’ve done 101!


Post 24 of 30 blogs in 30 days

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