Having put together my vintage paper ephemera packs I thought it would be a nice idea to demonstrate some ways they can be used.

One example is the mini inspirational painting I did for the show – End every assumption with a question mark! which you can view by clicking on the link.

where words fail start


Something new I did this week started with this reclaimed painting that didn’t seem to be going anywhere. It’s a piece of MDF approx 9″ by 12″. I simply turned it over and used the back.




I started by painting white gesso over it to help the paper stick better and stop the “glue” soaking in.

I used some old music and pages from the 1910 edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica and tore them into strips the width of my metal ruler.

where words fail 2


Using Matte Fluid Medium I stuck them to the MDF. First a strip of encyclopaedia paper along the top of the board left to right. Then a vertical music strip down from the left hand corner, overlapping the encyclopaedia strip. I continued alternating strips until I got about half way across the board as shown in the picture.



Next I turned the board 180 degrees so I could create a more varied pattern and repeated the process until the board was fully covered apart from the areas where the strips weren’t long enough. There I tore up more music and filled in the gaps.

I cut out the quotation “Where words fail music speaks” with my Silhouette Cameo from black card.

I was particularly pleased with the music type font I was able to find for the words “music speaks”.  It’s called “ld music” and you can find it here. I then stuck the grey card onto a blue external offset.

when words fail goldenwhen words fail corners


At this point I felt that the background was lacking something so I spread some old dried up maganese blue hue onto the corners and then toned it down with buff titanium.





I sealed the whole thing with more of the matte medium and then added the words which I sealed with a high gloss varnish.

where words fail detail


To add some light I used glass beads texture gel in the corners.




The final result:


where words fail music speaks



Sorry! The offer below is no long available. This painting has now been given away.

As a big thank you to readers of my blog I’ve decided to give away this picture to the first person who commits to purchasing a vintage paper ephemera kit. (All you will pay is the price of the kit plus combined postage for both items).

If you’d like that to be you please leave a comment on my blog telling me what country you live in. DON’T BUY THE EPHEMERA KIT AT THIS POINT.

I’ll make a separate product for you with postage depending upon which part of the world you live in.

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