Take First StepYesterday I had an arty pottering sort of day and later got caught up in a load of business thinking.

I started doing an exercise from a content marketing course I signed up to. I tried to make myself answer the questions, even though they weren’t a good fit, I didn’t know the answers and I found no pleasure in doing it.

How did that happen?

Not so long ago I was so clear that I did not want to go down that path anymore and yet, yesterday, it sort of crept up on me again. It is very seductive, this idea that there is a structure I can follow that will get me somewhere specific. The daft thing is that I only need to pause and take a step back to notice that I’m not even sure where this place I’m trying to get to is let alone if I really want to go there.

Making myself do a marketing exercise that I’m not enjoying in order to get somewhere I’m not sure I want to go is bonkers. And not only that, but it sacrifices the peace of the present moment.

Today I am recommitting to just showing up in my life, following what feels good no matter what I think about it and just taking the single next step in the moment.


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