note to self pink greenIt’s Day 10 of my 30 posts in 30 days experiment and I’ve hit the wall. I’m feeling totally uninspired this morning and am very much aware that I am out all day tomorrow so need to write 2 posts today if I want to meet the challenge – which I do.

I’ve taken myself off to the attic so I am surrounded by my creative stash but, after sitting here for over an hour I’m still no closer to coming up with any ideas. So let’s take a look around . . .

I have some mini inspirational backgrounds that I could work on or complete, I’ve been looking up book binding stuff on Pinterest so could have a go at that (although I’m thinking I’m lacking some materials to do that), the desk could definitely do with a good clean (boring), I could sort out some stuff for my shop, photograph it and upload it (boring), I could sort out the shipping stuff for my shop (boring beyond words!!).

So I’m going to be totally radical here and post as is, i.e. with nothing to say except “I’ve nothing to say”.


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