lived life blueIt’s 5.00 p.m. on Sunday and there’s no way I’d be writing a blog post if I hadn’t chosen to experiment with writing 30 posts in 30 days, come what may. So I’m very curious to see what appears . . .

As soon as I sat down at my laptop it struck me that the title I used yesterday fits my experience since then, if I switch “music” for “films”.

My daughter rang first thing in the morning to talk something over with me which resulted in my suggesting that one way to handle her dilemma might be to stay the night here. She didn’t. But she did come to visit and was at the house when John and I returned.

We’d spent a wonderful couple of hours poking around artist’s houses and gardens as part of the annual Brighton festival. I felt so inspired by the huge variety and talent available and thoroughly enjoyed talking to the artists about their work.

Sitting in one of the small but perfectly formed gardens sampling some lovely home made cake and coffee in the sun was an added bonus.

After dinner Rebecca and I managed to drag my son away from the computer and persuade him to join us in a trip to the cinema (a rare treat for me).

This morning the unexpected pleasures continued when we were invited out to breakfast with my cousin’s family to celebrate a birthday. It was a chance to catch up and to reacquaint ourselves with some of their friends that we’ve met on similar occasions.

This is a true demonstration to me of how wonderfully life unfolds when I just get out of the way. I had no specific plans for the weekend but I did have things I wanted to accomplish. On Friday morning I had no idea that I would be doing these things and it couldn’t have turned out better if I’d planned it. And . . . amongst all the fun I somehow to managed to get done the things that needed to be done. Even those things I wasn’t particularly looking forward to.

I’m so grateful to have the space in my life where I can let these lovely moments turn up. And so grateful to have family, friends and “strangers” to share such moments with. I hope you are equally blessed.

So in a similar view to yesterday I will end with:

Family, friends, love, films, fun.


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