Put It Out and Let the World Decide

I came across this poem I wrote on one of my old websites and I thought it might encourage those of you who are also trying to get blogs up and running. It’s a poem about writing whether you’re good enough or not. About quieting the voices in your head and just choosing to write anyway. It describes rather well the process I’m experiencing with my 30 posts in 30 days experiment.

I hope you enjoy it . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



I Choose To Write

After two hours of diversionary tactics —

A phone call
Some emails
A load of washing —

I finally sit in the chair,
Pen poised on paper
And I hesitate.

I am scared.

Scared of putting myself “out there”
Scared of what you might think of me
Because the writing may be

Too long
Too short
Too revealing


J u s t   P l a i n   D u l l.

But, what other choice is there?

Ignore the impulse.
Ignore the call.

Stay forever comfortable
While life’s potential continues to beckon
And I look the other way.

— Not today

Today I will be done with mediocre.
Today I will write fearlessly.


I Choose

. . .  sitting in the chair
Pen moving

— I write.



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