be you blueFollowing my post on Wednesday, ‘Giving Up Getting It Right‘, there were some interesting comments left. (Thanks to everyone who joined in the conversation).

One sentence in particular got me pondering – “At the end of the day your blog should be reflective of you.”

My first reaction to it was “but what if you don’t know who you are?” I’m in a phase of my life where I’m loving discovering myself anew and letting go of the old baggage and stories.

One of the things I love about blogging is the more present I am in the moment, the more I learn about myself – sometimes from the point of view of who I don’t want to be. 🙂

An example from Wednesday’s post is ‘I don’t want to be someone who obeys other peoples’ rules’. Generally I’m not. I’ve always been a bit of a rebel but in certain cases, as in the “correct” way to write a blog, I turn to other people to tell me the “right” way to do stuff.

I don’t even want me to tell me the “right” way to do stuff let alone other people!

The blogging rules example probably reflects my internet marketing background. It has become so entrenched I no longer notice that I’m blindly believing things that I’ve not tested for myself. There must be  many other areas in my life where this is also true. Who I think I am is not exempt from this. We look at our pasts, focus on a certain bit of it and decide we are a certain way. I want to be free to notice who I am in any given moment and not be blind to seeing something new because I’m blinded by the past or what the world says.

So today’s inspirational painting message is “Be you”. Not in the sense of building a new personality that ties you down but in the sense of living fully in each moment as the you that you are right here and now.


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