Kipling's GardenOK. So here’s where the rubber hits the road.

Yesterday I was out for a drive with a couple of lovely friends who seem to be creating the kind of life in flow that I’m hoping for myself. Not the actual details but the just turning up, following what’s in front of you and watching things develop.

So far, it looks to me like nothing much is happening in my life but as I said in my previous post – Are You Doing Anything? – stuff is happening, it just doesn’t look very “big” so it’s easy to discount.

Then, I received an email this morning which most definitely could be seen as something “big” turning up and I was thrown into a tizzy about whether I should or shouldn’t take up the offer.


Let me backtrack a few weeks to when I came across something called “The Flight Formula” which, without thinking about,  I applied for. It’s a different kind of mastermind group with the tag line “A Collaborative Heart Centered Social Enterprise Incubator”. I was primarily attracted to it because a couple of the people involved, Jason Spencer and Tom Morkes, do things very differently in their businesses which I find intriguing and appealing.

I turned up for interview after only a cursory glance at the “sales” page which felt a little embarrassing when I was asked if I had any questions about the program!

Some of the questions simply aren’t meaningful for me. Questions like “where do you see yourself in 5 years and what would make you really happy”? I have no idea where I will be in 5 years and that’s what makes life fascinating and exciting. I also know that nothing outside me can make me happy. I’m really happy now, except when I think I’m not! But something was still drawing me.

After the call, when I looked at the “sales” page I wondered . . . what I was thinking? There seemed to be so little on it that was attractive to me.

When I didn’t hear anything from them for a couple for weeks, I assumed I’d not got in. Then, this morning, I received an email from Jason’s business partner, Asher, saying I’d got a place.

Well that put me in a right flap and my mind went into overdrive:

  • what amazing timing, just when I was saying that nothing’s happening for me this turns up
  • ah yes, but is this what you really want to do?
    (looks at “sales” page)
  • but this is full of conventional marketing that you’re no longer interested in. Why would you even consider spending time and money on this?
  • the page headline is about launching your idea and activating your purpose. You don’t have an idea and you don’t subscribe to having a purpose
  • destiny is mentioned. You don’t believe in destiny
  • in fact looking at the core elements, 4 and a half out of 7 are things that make you groan rather than excite you!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So . . . why would I even consider it?

Well . . . it has turned up in my space so that alone makes it worth paying attention to and what if I look beyond the words? Not just at the business details but at the energy behind ‘The Flight Formula’. It’s all about creativity, inspiration, collaboration and community and that I love.

And . . . more importantly, instead of wasting energy thinking into the future of whether or not I want to do this, what if I just stay in the moment? Asher acknowledges, in this morning’s email, that in my previous conversation with Jason I was “still considering whether the program was a good fit for (me)”.

What if I come back to the moment and look upon my call with Asher as another point of exploration? I do not have to decide right now whether or not I want to join the program. What if I let go of thinking that I know what this is about and just turn up to the call with no agenda? That’s really what living in flow’s about isn’t it?

So that’s what I’ve decided to do and, if nothing else, I’ve at last gotten a blog post out of it and I do so love when that happens!