100K 60DayTimes have been hard these past few weeks. I’ve experienced the worst low mood I’ve had for a very long time. If I didn’t know what I know about the nature of thought and mood it would have morphed into a full blown depression like it used to in the past.

It’s a curious experience because on the one hand the mood feels so real as to almost be another entity and on the other hand I’m watching it and apart from it too. I’m not looking for reasons as to why I feel this way or trying to make it better and this is the big difference between what I understand now and what I used to do in the past. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want it gone though.

In amongst this heaviness I am still able to enjoy the company of close friends and I’ve been looking for distractions.

There are a number of big internet business launches going on at the moment and, looking for momentary relief from my mood, I almost signed up to one earlier in the week that was set up to help get more traffic to my website. It wasn’t very inspiring though and while I was still trying to decide, another offer arrived in my in box.

This one was selling a training and tools which enable you to create a website in 60 days that will earn $100K in a year. Intrigued I went to watch the webinar. One third of the way through I was feeling very keen. Two thirds of the way through I was close to shutting down my browser, sick of the “this will change your life”, “don’t let this opportunity slip by you”, “times’s running out” marketing tactics but I decided to stay on and ignore the hard sell.

The primary assumption behind the sale of any making money product is that more money means a better life, i.e. that money can make you happy. A common belief that runs through western culture.

I have seen for myself that this is simply not true.

When I was living in the story that if only I did this or had that, I’d be happier, I came to see that there was nothing I wanted to do/or have that lack of money was stopping me doing or having. I was telling myself that these things would make my life better and yet there was no reason why, if I really wanted them, I couldn’t have them. So I finally let go of the idea that more money = a better life.

A consequence of that is that money is not a sufficient motivator to tempt me to sign up for the promise of building a $100K website, even if I had a crystal ball and could guarantee that this is what would happen.

However, I do enjoy playing with numbers and seeing if I can create something like this when it all seems a bit bonkers. I’ve done this in internet marketing before and I loved the game of it. It’s been a long time, however, since there was an opportunity that looked fun and possible to create results quickly.

This feels like an interesting twist in the Unfolding Path and I decided to go for it. I did my research carefully to see who was offering the best bonus and then signed up.

The majority of players in this game are a lot younger than me, are motivated by making lots of money and are way more happy clappy than I am. Oh yeah and most of them are male. So I thought it might be fun to tell the tale from a whole different perspective.

I’m curious to see what emerges over the next 60 days – $100K website or no $100K website. It’s not just about the numbers and business for me but more about the process, what it feels like, what turns up and how it fits into the Unfolding Path. From that perspective I thought it would be interesting to create a record of how it goes so I’ll probably create a dedicated blog category that tells the tale. Haven’t decided yet. You’ll know when I know!