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So far, I think I’m doing really well at ignoring my learning from the past about the right way to set up a business.

However, there’s one small residue “should”, that keeps coming back to haunt me. It’s the need to answer the question of who I am writing for and, having answered, to always have that in mind when I write.

I can see the logic in that but when I find myself thinking about it I get into a right muddle and am unable to decide how to proceed.




From where I sit it looks like I could be writing for:

  •   fellow artists who are interested in painting/creating
  •   people who would like to buy my art
  •   people who are interested in the 3 Principles or living a happier life generally
  •   my personal friends
  •   myself

The latter 2 will take care of themselves. I will write what I want to write and, if my friends aren’t interested sufficiently they will stop reading or unsubscribe but they’ll still be my friends so no biggie!

However, according to traditional marketing theory the top 3, are a different matter.

Conventional wisdom says that a website selling art should have an artist’s statement, a gallery and stories about the paintings and what inspired them. The main focus always being on the art itself rather than the words. It also says that a blog should focus on one niche and one niche only.

That simply doesn’t work for me. I can’t see a way to write for everyone and it certainly doesn’t feel right to tailor my words to one market or another. At least not at the moment.

Trying to work it out just blocks my creativity and stops me writing. And, anyway, the whole point of this is recording my journey as I practice living in the unknown and doing only what feels right for me despite what the world may say! So, I’m going to let myself off the hook and write whatever comes to me, trusting that people will turn up and like what I’m doing. Even if the majority find nothing of interest here I’m hoping that some will enjoy the experience enough to return. And then, who knows where we’ll end up together!

So, on that note, would you be willing to help me get some more eyes here?

I currently have 15 subscribers and an average of 9 visitors per day. I’m excited about putting some energy into increasing those numbers – without breaking the “only doing what I want to do” rule, of course!

Here’s how you can help:

  • If you’re reading this and enjoying yourself and aren’t subscribed to receive updates please do so by signing up in the top right corner.
  • If you’re already signed up and can think of someone else who might enjoy this blog please tell them about it. Maybe find the post you most enjoyed and do whatever is easiest for you to get the word out – Facebook, Twitter, Email, Pinterest, face to face conversation even!
  • Finally, please leave your comments when you see or read something you particularly like so I can see what you’re most interested in and we can get some conversation going.

And . . .

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here because, truthfully, if nobody was reading this I don’t think I’d bother writing just for my own pleasure. 🙂


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