Be Still and Listen

Be Still and Listen

Since the beginning of the year I have been taking part in Michael Neill’s Living From The Inside Out programme – “a twelve week exploration of the principles behind the human experience” or, more simply, a look into what’s really going on in our experience of life.

This week we were invited to start a Possibility Project. The idea is to choose something that would be really great to create but that you’re not particularly attached to making happen. It’s an experiment into what it’s like to create something for the fun of it, from a place of complete ease, just because you want to and not because you think it will somehow make your life better.

The project needs to be one that we could plausibly complete over the next month or two but that doesn’t matter at all if we don’t succeed.


And this is the really fun part:

The only rule is you’re not allowed to do anything
that you don’t want to do.

Nothing’s off limits except
pushing yourself to do something you don’t want to do.

I LOVE the freedom in that. With this one project I can drop “right” and “wrong”, “should and shouldn’t” and just do stuff that I actually want to do. Fun, fun fun!!!

So . . . What is my project?

I struggled a bit at first to come up with something. I kept thinking about travelling around the country visiting people but couldn’t really see how that would be a project that ended up with something created in the external world. Then I remembered that I’d started but not finished writing an ebook – 101 Ways To Beat Artist’s Block – but that seemed a bit dull to take on for this. So I put it to the back of my mind.

Later I was reading an email where someone was promoting the Kindle version of their ebook and I thought, “now that might make it more interesting”, to make a Kindle version of it, the primary interest being that I’ve never done that before.

So I spoke to a friend who’s had experience of launching a Kindle book and from that conversation decided that it was a plausible thing to do within a couple of months. I came up with loads of other ideas too but keeping it simple . . .

My Possibility Project

To write an ebook: 101 Ways To Beat Artist’s Block and

to sell at least one copy to someone I don’t currently know

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This is going to be so much fun!

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