Tony 2 colours


It’s been a few weeks since I wrote about my possibility project so I thought I’d write an update.

Immediately after declaring my project – the ebook ‘101 Ways To Beat Artist’s Block’ – I added 17 items (making a total of 32) to the book. Since then I haven’t really done anything towards it.

I’ve thought a few times about starting to lay it out nicely but never got around to it since it’s something  I don’t really want to do, and, if you remember, the one rule for the project is we’re not allowed to do anything we don’t want to.

I have used the content though.

My friend Tony Fiedler regularly comes round for a bit of attic art where we just hang out, put the world to rights and play with paints. Recently, when he’s felts a bit stuck about what to paint next I’ve been able to help by referring to my  possibility project.

I ask him to chose a number between 1 and 32 and then I read out the corresponding prompt from the book. The picture above is an example of a piece he created using a combination of 2 different prompts. So far it’s worked really well and he’s ended up producing some really nice stuff that he wouldn’t otherwise have done.

Feeling motivated by Tony’s efforts and inspired during a walk, I came up with another idea – to run a workshop where people would spend half an hour following a random prompt and then would move on to another one. I was really excited by this idea for a few days and began asking friends if they’d be willing to take part in a dummy run. I even bought a domain name. But then my enthusiasm waned and I realised that, for now, I’m really happy just pottering around in the attic, and painting what comes to me.

I still like the idea of completing the ebook and I’m thinking it might be fun to add the prompts to cards so people could shuffle them to choose which one to follow. Hmmmmm.

I’m never short of ideas but follow through, well that’s another thing altogether!

No matter, as I don’t actually have to choose at this point. The next step is still to get the prompts written so, to that end, I’m going to go now and write a few more!