I was talking with a friend this afternoon and bemoaning the fact that I’d missed a couple of days of bookbits. It again became clear how the “dos” and  “don’ts” I have set up around this, get in the way and stop my enjoying the process.

During the conversation it became clear that we both share the love of a good Bruce Springsteen concert and I wanted to introduce her to this video. For me, it sums up all that is great about the experience.

It’s not just about him or his music. It’s the deep sense of connection he facilitates at his events. A sense of belonging, joy and peace (bit of an oxymoron given it’s a rock concert) 🙂

Surely that makes it OK to mention?

Arbitrary rule number 342 says music videos aren’t allowed as part of this project. But in my book I would want to capture something of what is being called from me at these concerts, so I’m going out on a limb and including it!

P.S. I chose this particular video because it summarises nicely the experience of being at a concert.

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